the day after…

Last night as I was starting dinner and thinking ahead to curling up with Mr Kaos and watching as the Super Tuesday returns pour in, my phone rang:

ring ring ring (okay, it doesn’t ring, it plays some obnoxious song I can’t identify…)

CamiKaos: Helllo?

NanaKaos: Happy Mardi Gras.

CK: Huh?

NK: I just wanted to call and tell you happy Mardi Gras?

CK: What about Mardi Gras.

NK: HAPPY Mardi Gras. That’s all.

CK: Oh, yeah. Happy Mardi Gras. Happy Super Tuesday…

NK: Okay, just don’t forget tomorrow is Ash Wednesday sweetie.


NK: Cami?

CK: Yes mom?

NK: Don’t tell people they have dirt on their face…

CK: But mom… that’s how I celebrate Ash Wednesday!

Really… she tries to kill all my fun little traditions…

19 thoughts on “the day after…

  1. stephanie says:

    Happy Super Fat Tuesday? The good news is most of the people with dirt on their faces won’t feel right about smacking you for pointing it out…;)Have fun!

  2. holly says:

    sorry. former mormon here. why are you people getting dirt on your face? great now i have to google “dirt”. *that* should be fun. happy super tuesday. i burned *all* last night’s pancakes, which i only made for qoh because all the other moms talked about it to her. then *i* had to do it. thanks other-non-working-moms, next time you lot (not *you* lot, the ones filling my daughter with ideas about food i can’t cook properly) can come over and do it. *or* i could just buy them. ===end rant===

  3. Lilacspecs says:

    In highschool I worked at Long John Silver’s and my boss used to get so mad when I’d ask people to explain the forehead smudge.You’d be surprised though how many people really can’t explain it…they just let some dude smear dirt all over their head.Silly Christians.

  4. My Reflecting Pool says:

    ha! At least you get the reminder call. I forget and every year accidently tell people they have soot on their head. A little heads up is a good thing.

  5. CamiKaos says:

    Oh Mr Fab, that is so beautiful…daddy: pretty much.pool: she calls to tell me when to change my clocks too… I’m spoiled.lilacspecs: It’s true, people do strange things on blind faith… Holly: Again we’ve discussed all this out of the bounds of the question box (if you other people are reading this and wondering why… it’s because she’s my favorite… that’s why…) so I have nothing to say here, except you can rant in my comments anytime at all.groovymom: did they?katy: you’re kinder than I.steph: Only because they’re kinder than I… like Katy… dapoppins: Happy SUPER WEEK!

  6. Bubblewench says:

    silly catholics are right! I used to be a dirt wearer! No more! I escaped! you don’t need to actually SAY anything to people, just hand them a wipie and point at their head. don’t forget to laugh.

  7. loveyh says:

    I was horrified the first time I saw this! And I was 19–this is what happens when you live in a secular household.Bad part? I was at my grandmother’s house and tried to wipe it off my little cousin’s head..she about killed me. It still gets brought up at family gatherings…

  8. landismom says:

    Heh. My office is 1/2 a block from a huge cathedral. All day long, I was tempted to tell people, “you’ve got a little smudge there…”

  9. Jo Beaufoix says:

    I was brought up catholic and was actually born on Ash Wednesday. Does that make me extra special?? My mum and Dad both had dirt on their face yesterday. I kept wanting to scrub them. Miss M even had a go with some wipes but Granny ducked just in time.

  10. n says:

    What really gets me is the number of people that have dirty faces that you never suspected might be “devout” enough to need a good face washing.Sunday christains. They sure don’t walk the walk or talk the talk. NanaKaos, facewasher.

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