yes we can

There are a great many things I am… but there are even more that I am not.

One thing I consider myself not to be is a political blogger, but sometimes politics are more than just politics and it seems to me that today, tomorrow, the next week, the coming months… these are times that politics are not just politics.

This is a time when what we do really can make a difference.

We can change for the better.


We can.

So today we will forgo my snark and cynicism (especially my cynicism about celebrity endorsements) so that I can show you this video that I found at Landismom’s page.

please vote.

16 thoughts on “yes we can

  1. holly says:

    for *you* i will check this out later (the videos aren’t visible at work – i get a big empty space and have to go “oh yeah. there’s probably a video there.” probably a missing flash download that *also* won’t work at work. ironic. work = no work.).

  2. julie says:

    Yep. After what women went through just to get the right to vote, I’ve never even considered it an option. I missed one election and I felt so guilty.

  3. david mcmahon says:

    You’re right, Cami,Despite what we might think, politics is ultimately our responsibility because we elect the office-bearers.

  4. CamiKaos says:

    missb: ME TOO!!! It does make me sad that Oregon votes so late no one pays much attention…david: yes it is.mie: yesjulie: I feel the same way… I have a good friend, he’s a guy so it’s a bit different, but he never bothered to vote but was always complaining about to government, politicians etc… Eventually I told him to either start voting or stop talking to me about it… I told him if he didn’t voice his opinion when it mattered I didn’t want to hear from him. Years later he finally developed social consciousness (though it had nothing to do with me) and worked hard on Dean’s campaign last time. I was proud of him. Holly: it’s all musicky… I think you’ll appreciate it. It made me cry, but I’m a little hormonal.

  5. CamiKaos says:

    missb: Yeah, but I don’t think THEY know that…misb: you got your full tree ballot. I think they think that if it’s made from a full tree… it will count for more.avery: I’m glad you enjoyed it.holly: since we’ve already had our little chat I feel no compelling reason to respond here… except to tell you I had some bacon last night that was really very good.Syb: you my sweets.

  6. Jo Beaufoix says:

    That was cool. He seems like a good bloke. And why don’t British Politicians look like that? We just get old men in suspenders. Bleurghhh.

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