to go?

It has been a tough week here in the home of Kaos.

I’m sick (have I mentioned maybe that I might be feeling a little tiny bit under the weather… like a little sick… so that like say… if someone is sitting in the same room as me and being totally silent and well behaved but they just happen to be 5 years old and, you know, breathing and watching tv… I might get a little overly irritated by the sound that is made when they play with their hair. silently… just as an example).

It’s been a long week too, on top of the tough I mean, and since it’s only Thursday as I write this. I’m not quite sure how to deal with the one more day of school that I must rise early and get K ready for.

Or for the one more night that I must help K with her homework get her to eat and bathe and go to sleep….

I know it doesn’t sound like much but right now… this very moment it seems overwhelming.

But there’s a ray of sunshine peeking through.

A tiny bit of silver on that cloud.

Even though on top of the looooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnng week it’s also been freezing cold I have something to smile about.

Mr. Kaos is bringing home Chinese take out…

Some nights it’s the simple things that seem to make everything alright.

12 thoughts on “to go?

  1. Avery Gray says:

    Oh, I love Chinese food! Don’t forget to add “in bed” to your fortunes! Good times.Hope you’re feeling better soon!

  2. mielikki says:

    yum, Chinese food. Is goood. Especially, for some reason, when one has a cold.Remember when Grandpa used to try to convince us to eat the hot mustard?

  3. holly says:

    oh! i want that! i hope it was enjoyable. :) i was thinking of following suit. this evening will be a fight between my left brain who wants the chinese food and my right brain who wants to lose weight. i hate my right brain. i hope the sleep deprivation mostly occured on that side.

  4. Velma says:

    I hope it was good! At least it’s Friday now, so hopefully you can just put in some earplugs for the weekend until you feel better.

  5. CamiKaos says:

    You all won’t believe this… okay you totally will…I did have my Chinese take out last night… it was fab and Holly, relatively healthy too… the place we get it from uses healthy stuff and not too saucy). I did have to do all the stuff to get K ready for bed…I did have to get her up… though I woke 30 minutes late… I did have to get her ready… I fed her made her lunch helped her get dressed and just as I was about to fix her hair a meltdown of massive proportions ensued when Mr. Kaos offered to give us a ride to school today… That was when we realized she really wasn’t feeling well and put her in some sweats and called in sick to the school…Some days… I tell yah.

  6. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Oh sweetie. Feel better soon. We have the sicks too. Chinese food is the best medicine. And hair playing can be sooo noisy. ;)

  7. angel says:

    oooh, chinese! i did that last weekend!!! i just wish south african chinese restaurants would give us those funky little cardboard boxes you guys get!!!

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