oh no! cami kaos is mobile

I don’t want to get into specifics (cause I’m a total hypocrite) but I must have been an awfully good girl…

And even though it is tedious and time consuming I am writing this entire post with my thumbs from my new phone (slash camera slash mp3 player slash mobile thingy slash lover)…

I never knew a phone could make me feel this way!


thank you mr phone delivery man

11 thoughts on “oh no! cami kaos is mobile

  1. bellevelma says:

    I have a phone that is “just” a phone and I’ve always liked it. But then my brother came to visit for Christmas with his new Voyager phone and I have some phone envy going on… He can watch TV on it!!!

  2. CamiKaos says:

    bellvelma: I was happy until K’s godfather showed me his phone like this.bw: yes, I think so… I can’t believe I wanted it! I can’t believe I got it. I can’t believe I am using it at the salon.Mr Fab: good point, but would you believe I was that bad?Dan: what do you think it is?Flutter: I know right?Mie: yes I am!

  3. holly says:

    you know, i loved you a whole lot more before i discovered you were a brat. i say that lovingly, btw.and not at all green with envy. oh i’ll continue to read you, but with my arms crossed, as if pouting. ;)

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