getting on with it…

I am trying oh so desperately to move on with the year… I know there are only a few days left and I need to break free from this holiday crazy thing.

You see now that the “holiday” is over I have to find a place for everything.

5 year olds, they get a lot of stuff for Christmas. When you factor in Santa, Mrs. Claus, The Elves, Nana&Papa, Grandpa&Grandma, Great Grandma, The other Great Grandma, Mom&Dad, Aunt&Uncle, the other assorted would be Aunt&Uncles and other random magically appearing gifts from friends, cousins and my hair stylist (am I the only person on earth with a hair stylist who gives my child presents?) it adds up to a lot.

Combine that with the sudden need Mr. Kaos had to rip a wall out of K’s closet to check into something, the fact that there are two additional adults occupying the space that the 3 of us normally share and all the usual insanity around the Kaos house and you have a big.fricken.mess.

Plus K got My Sims for the Wii and um…. I’ve been helping her with it.

Then put the big ol cherry of my brand new toy on top… things have been a little crazy.

I’m trying to bring it down. I’m trying to get things organized, sorted, calm.

Oh how I want things to be organized, sorted and calm.

Before the whole organized and sorted thing can happen though I have to make another trip to IKEA to set K up with a brand new closet, get a curtain and other organizy type things for the bathroom and um… yeah, eat some Swedish Meatballs with french fries and gravy.

Yes, consumer whore cami is in full effect ladies and gentlemen…

Oh did I mention my fab new boots and scarf??

14 thoughts on “getting on with it…

  1. 123Valerie says:

    I’m way behind, but I’m so glad you got some QT with the fam. Also, I keep telling myself, “Val, you have four more days to kick ass in 2007. Don’t waste it.”I leave you with the same, Foxy Mama.

  2. bellevelma says:

    I just went to Ikea yesterday and bought a new book shelf so I had somewhere to put the new books I got for Christmas. No worries, books aren’t the only thing I got but I’m wearing the bling, so I don’t need space for that.

  3. sybil law says:

    Hey – my hairdresser buy my kid stuff for Christmas! And she’s Jewish! HahaAnyway, I so hear ya on the where-to-put-stuff.Mine is still scattered about the house in piles, neatly organized piles, but still.We need a new house.

  4. CamiKaos says:

    Mie: Is that a threat or something? (I just finished compiling my IKEA shopping list. I’m going for a combined 76″ of height full of tubs, bins, shelving and hanging space)Syb: my piles will go away soon. Please for the love of god. As soon as Mr. gets out of the shower we are going to the holy land of storage.Lisa: And it happens EVERY year. How is that.BV: Oh I have a gift certificate waiting to be spent on books…. But if I do I will likely need more shelves too damn it.Mr. Fab: Oh I’m crazy… but not stupid. My boobs have staying power.BW: I will have pics eventually. By the by, K is playing pet shop 73 hours a day now.Dan: We already did that once. We moved 4 years ago to a house with a basement so we would have room for all our junk. It may be time to get a bigger house again… Though I am sure Mr. Kaos would suggest I just make her get rid of stuff.123V: Family time abounds here. It’s crazy. And I am trying to enjoy my last few days… and I might if I can get all K’s crap put away.Flutter: Ihad iphone envy too. It was all the envying that probably got Mr. Kaos to go INSANE and buy me one. (I’m still in shock) (And yeah I totally saw what you did there, you are the cheeez my dear and I love it)

  5. Olga, the Traveling Bra says:

    HAHA Mr. Fab – so did I! I refuse to get organized until Jan 1st…then I’ll spring into action! Till then, I’m hangin’ out & laying low.

  6. Jo Beaufoix says:

    We need a new wardrobe for Miss E, and a new storage thing for toys. They get so much stuff it is scary. We did a mass tidy in Miss E’s room today and got rid of so much, but there is still a ton. Phew.

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