and now for something completely different…

or relatively the same really, I am just TIRED.

T.I.R.E.D. I stayed up late last night babies, but in doing so I crossed that 40 thousand mark on my Bert novel. That felt good. Not as good as dropping the kid off at school and then coming home and napping would feel, but still… good.

So today I will leave you with a few little tidbits. Some goodies if you will.

We’ll start with a quote from Angel shall we? “Cami Kaos from Mommified Me! I reckon she sleeps in a T-shirt and knickers… but I also think she’d inspire some cute red and white, fur trimmed baby-doll pyjamas!!!”

Angel, dear, I know you love me I do, and I think you are super swell, but do you really need to be peekin in my window at bedtime girl?

Not only does she know I fancy sleeping in a little t-shirt and undies but she knows I’ve got my eyes on the sexy little santa baby-doll nightie. Too much. ;) I’ll forgive her though because after she took a little peek she gave me some fresh lovely bloggy bling.

It’s even all pink and cutesy cute. Hmmm… now who do I think could inspire some pjs??

I’ve got my eye, or mind as it were, on four lovely ladies for this award because I think they would make for one hell of a fun pajama party guest list, so Sybil, Kami, the lovely 123Valerie and the pj-riffic Lori, if we weren’t all so far flung I would ask if you wanted to have a sleepover, oh, and Angel you can come too.

Speaking of my doppelganger Kami… she freakin tagged me with some eight something something none sense. I think it’s because she’s bitter that my bathroom is awesome and I’m keeping my mad tile skills all to myself instead of coming down and sleeping on her couch and retiling her basement…

But I’m acknowledging that I have been tagged and announcing my intent to do something about it… but not today, I am too tired and too busy making a mad dash for the Bert finish line.

Last but not least… the 2007 Kaos Holiday Lyric Writing Contest.

Hello!!! Where are you people on that? I have 2 entrants. TWO OF THEM. Two people have entered a total of 3 songs. You don’t think you can do better than the first two people who entered (no offense to you two though cause those songs are super good). If I don’t get some more songs I am just handing over the gift cards and other valuable prizes to the two lovely ladies who busted their ass. I mean I know I said that Friday was the deadline but don’t scare me like this!!

Okay, I have 9,968 words left to go to meet the NaNoWriMo challenge, a character in the midst of some murky moral ambiguity and a desperate need to drink my morning Chery Coke.



11 thoughts on “and now for something completely different…

  1. angel says:

    ROTFLMAO!!!oh thats awesome, cami! i promise i’m WAAAY too far away to be peaking in your windows, and i’m so glad you like your bling!!! a pyjama party sounds fantabulous- i’ll have to wear the flannel one’s sweetass promised me as i don’t usually wear any… teeheecan you tell i’m avoiding making any mention of your awesome nanowrimo progress? i tried last year and didn’t even make a dent- i’m so impressed!!!

  2. CamiKaos says:

    Angel: It is HARD. but I am determined to do it. I actually hope to finish today, or at least hit 50,000Mie: thank you, and yours weren’t bad at all.Lori: SHIT. of all the chickies here you should have been smacked with the pj love. I am retroactively awarding it to you. YOU NEED to be at my imaginary pj party!!! I am going to go add you in so it doesn’t LOOK like I didn’t think of it ;)Mr. Fab: I got your song… I will review it later… at my leisure.

  3. 123Valerie says:

    Thank you for the pink award, Miss. I lurve it! I am always down for a slumber party, so keep a girl in the know. What’s a five-hour plane ride when there are pillow fights to enjoy? I am cranking away holiday lyrics here in the workshop, so don’t you worry. However, I have a tendency to be late.

  4. sybil law says:

    I am SO there – with lots of liquor. Can we do it in the summer, though? Cause I bundle up in the winter. I am going to have to spray a can of whipass allllll over blogland, aren’t I?!People! Get your songs in!Yeesh!

  5. Lori- Fairytales & Margaritas says:

    Why thank you my dear. I thought you were maybe too scared of seeing my cottage cheese ass and floppy boobies in a little nightie. It’s ok, I am too! We should totally have a virtual slumber party. Or a real meet up in VEGAS! Wouldn’t that be the shit!And I promise to wear my jammies while I work on a song or two tonight.

  6. DIXIECHICK says:

    Hi, Cami…I just found your blog through Lori, over at Fairytales and Margaritas…based on her recommendation, and I can see why, You have been awarded The Underblog award..come on over and visit little ol’ Dixie and pick up your prize!

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