Mr. Kaos was fitting together the drain for the bathroom sink last week and some of the pieces were, understandably, a little tight.

So he asked for some Vaseline so he could fit the parts.

My mind halted.


We don’t have that. Umm… we have….

We have personal lubricant…

for personal things.

And now we have personal lubricant for our drain pipe too.

14 thoughts on “plumbing

  1. holly says:

    yes, but did the *drain pipe* enjoy it?and the cheerleader in me is going “go cami go cami go cami” i notice you are on the very threshold of success. 48+k! go girl. (actually, i never was a cheerleader, so i faked it a bit).

  2. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Cami. I have insomnia, but my PC seems to be back. I just can’t turn my brain off. Hope the writing is going well. And yay the lube. I could do with some for our creaky door.Now I may try to write a song now, as I cannot sleep. But it will be bad. But I will try. Ok?Good.

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