less than fresh

Do you ever have those days when you feel less than fresh?

Here I mean, in blogland?

A day where you just kind of put up SOMETHING so your people would know you were thinking of them but you didn’t give much thought to what someone new would think.

That coveted NEW blog friend… you know the one. The one you don’t have, the one that has never been by before. The one that will read your posts and leave absolutely wonderful witty comments that make you laugh or touch your cold bloggy heart.

(not that you don’t do that… you do. you know I love you right babies?)

You see I got some really fabulous linky love from a Park Ranger loving vixen, but I’ve had no time to clean up at all. There are bits of tile and thin-set strewn everywhere on this blog. I’ve stopped cleaning between NaNoWriMo, teaching art classes at K’s school, Thanksgiving break and the bathroom remodel and I am afraid that other than the super vain singing happy blogaversary to myself I haven’t created any new content in the month of November.

I thought about writing a really great post today to make you all happy and welcome any new faces to the Cami world but a few things prevented me from doing so:

1) If I could just whip out a really good post willy nilly I would no it every single day… but sadly I don’t work that way.

2) I have to go brine the salmon for our big yearly fish smoke. Our neighbor will be over in a couple of hours and he and Mr. Kaos will take the fish I lovingly prepared in wine, salt and herbs and smoke it over the wood from the apple tree we had to cut down from our yard… That’s important stuff, I need to get on it.

3) I am too busy thinking about K’s parent teacher conference tomorrow morning. It’s her first one ever. What if we had been wildly misled in our assumptions that she is doing well? What if her dissertation is due next week and she neglected to tell us? What if they want her to skip straight from kindergarten to her Senior year of college and she goes on a wild partying rampage?!!!!

4) The bathroom is now MOMENTS away from being finished. Mr. Kaos is at the hardware store getting a part he needs to hook up water to the sink. TO THE SINK PEOPLE do you know what that means?????? It means that when he gets the toilet installed (it is IN the bathroom IN THERE, next to where it needs to be installed) I will be able to wash my hands after I use it. It is like a miracle.

So to sum up, I wish I could write a good post for you today but I can’t because I am too busy being me and doing all the other stuff that I sometimes write about.

Oh and because about once every 6 months I let myself have a donut and while Mr. Kaos is at the hardware store and gathering the last few ingredients for my salmon brine he’s picking that donut up for me.

It’s a lemon jelly donut people… I know you understand…

17 thoughts on “less than fresh

  1. Lisa Milton says:

    You have been one busy lady this month – the novel writing alone makes me grapple with the lack of productivity brewing in my household.Be well with your fish smoke (sounds heavenly) and lap up that donut.You deserve it.

  2. Celtic Rose says:

    mmmmm, lemon filled donut??? Sigh . . . that could be a post all in itself.As to the rest? Your posts wouldn’t be as good as they are if you didn’t live your life . . .

  3. Avery Gray says:

    Well, I came over from OTJ’s site, and I’m not disappointed. But I will be eternally grateful if you could get that sink hooked up before the next time I stop by, just in case I need to use the loo while I’m here. Thanks.

  4. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Ahhh I have so much to catch up on.I wi be back, but baby Jessica has wandered off (my niece) and is probably shoving he toast in the DVD player.

  5. Lori- Fairytales & Margaritas says:

    We understand. And I’m sure the OTJ visitors will understand too! And I’m sure K is doing wonderfully!

  6. CamiKaos says:

    Lori: The meeting is in 58 minutes.Liza: Thank you, and I will be so happy for you to come back!BW: The toilet should be installed after the meeting with K’s teacher. The pics may have to wait until tomorrow. The Salmon smoking put us back a day.Angel: I knew you’d get it doll.Jo: NO!!!! Save the electronics first!!! Mie: It’s goooooooooood.Avery: Well they should be finished up today… but we have the 2nd bath upstairs for emergencies.CR: That donut was GOOOOD. AND… he got me a 2nd one that I got to eat for desert later that day. I needed donuts. And thank you.daddy: Neighbor S wants to do a second fish smoke after you arrive, we told him you’d be up for that!!Lisa: You are so awesome. And thanks.Flutter: I know! and I never get them… They were worth the wait… I almost spelled weight.. maybe that too.suchsimplepleasures: I like your styleJulie: Are you here? At my blog? back from blogland exile? :) Missed you girl.

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