the dog ate my video blog

As I sit at the table at this ungodly hour on a Friday morning willing my child to PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD JUST EAT YOUR BREAKFAST in a half sleep listening to the morning whining about what the temperature is while Mr. Kaos still hits his snooze button every 7 minutes I must report a sad thing to you.

The dog ate my vlog.

Er um, I left it on the bus.

Would you believe that I did do my vlog but I left it at home?

Alright, the truth is I stayed up all night to do it but then a band of crazed marauders spirited me away to a funky dance party in the woods through this magical tunnel in the local smoke filled shoe store.

I thought that the party would make a better vlog than my whole question me thing but when I pulled out my video camera all the magical creatures ran away, except one big horse guy who knocked it from my hands and trampled it into 666 little pieces.

I was able to retrieve it and even managed to put it back together, it’s like new, but not in time to film my vlog for today and that is why…

You’ll have to wait.

16 thoughts on “the dog ate my video blog

  1. sybil law says:

    Yeah, okay; but you KNOW you had fun at that party!!! You drank an awful lot of mead or absinthe or whatever was in those bubbling goblets! By the way – have you seen a lock of my hair anywhere? I had it last night at the soiree, but man… you don’t think that elfin dude took it, do you? Shit.

  2. mielikki says:

    silly girl. Dance Party’s always end that way, with the VLOG going missing. Even I knew that. They were plotting against you the whole time.

  3. n says:

    Even as a child you could give beautifully embroidered excuses for everything you did/didn’t do. They are as believable now as then. But what a wonderful way to say the dog ate my homework.NK

  4. CamiKaos says:

    Lindy: I know, I thought they only did that to school kids.Holmes: Yes, go watch the whole 2 other videos… or go to youtube and watch my pretend to puke on the camera in the teacups at disneyland… that was some good footage.Jo: He is generally as nice horse guy… I think he just had a few too many appletinis.Mom: It’s a talent.Landismom: I’ll get on that, but it may further delay the production of my vlog M: I know, but how could I resist… there were shoes AND booze… and and…. a magic tunnel.Syb: I saw the little dude with a big ol bag of hair… He was muttering to himself and adjusting his pants alot… man I hope you don’t get zapped into his bachelor pad in the middle of the night…

  5. Amira says:

    Hey, CK. Checked out your vlog. Then I looked for that ice cream at a store here. No luck.You’ve inspired me. I think I’ll do a vlog. Just have to find a cool pair of shades to wear to protect my identity.

  6. The Enforcer says:

    OMG, Too funny, my kids dont come anywhere close to being that creative in their excuses. The excuses alone make the wait worth it.

  7. CamiKaos says:

    Flutter: damn it, you know I am busy thinking about mud flap girlsThe Enforcer: No pressure here… I’ll get to it someday… maybe I will throw up a few more excuses in the mean time… check back Monday.Mr. Fab: You will be for me.Lapa: I’m so glad you stopped by, sadly I don’t speak Portuguese and my translator really did nothing for me… Amira: Oh, let me know when you post it! So exciting.Corey: You can sneak watch me another day friend. :)

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