getting to know me

Yesterday as I made my daily blog rounds I saw that Lindyloo had posted some good old fashioned embarrassing childhood photos of herself. By embarrassing I actually mean adorable… and I thought why not me?

So for today a few moments from the life and times of a younger, blonder and more innocent CamiKaos… oh and if I’m going down I’m taking my brother with me… enjoy

Here I am, an exhibitionist even at this tender age:

On my 3rd birthday we can see a very early love of boots and aprons:

Can’t tell which one I am? Simple, the one trying to pull her dress up… there is my brother to my left in the super stylin yellow tank top! Viva the 70’s:

Look at the sibling affection abundant in this photo, note that my brother is wearing awesome boots, I regrettably am not… thus the big fuss:

a year later and he still hasn’t removed the boots and cape… bastard:

Neither the theater nor adolescence were kind to me. From this point forward I got dorkier and dorkier until I got boobs:

Do you all now see how I have become the bitter radiant dork fox I am today?

17 thoughts on “getting to know me

  1. The Holmes says:

    “bitter radiant dork fox” – that’s a keeper.Like your brother, my cape stayed on for probably several years straight. I needed it for my super powers to work.

  2. SquidgesMum says:

    Are those underoo’s?? I always wanted a pair of underoo’s!! Oh and I’m kinda digging the wheel barrel table. love my word verification word- ubouncy (eeer not so much today- little tireed)

  3. mielikki says:

    ah the good old days. I remember when. . .(thanks, btw for not tossing me under the bus in any of those. I will post my own, later.)

  4. sybil law says:

    Oh we have SO discussed the WW underoos before, but aaahhh..That last picture is so awesomely awkward!How funny, because I’ve been wanting to post some pics, too. Old ones. Hmmm.. Must be the autumn season that makes us want to reflect?!Anyway, I likey. :)

  5. CamiKaos says:

    Syb: I hope you do one. and yes, we have had many an underoo related talk.Imperceptible: Is it just me or do you wish they made them for grown ups… they were comfy and cute.Mielikki: You were this *tiny fingers* close to going down… but I thought I’d let you do yourself.Lindy: those underoos were THE BESTEST THING EVER. THey sum up my childhood… or would have if I had been wearing boots.Lisa: And you would see if I had more photos that the shag carpet followed me around :)Holmes: I think it should be my new tagline

  6. Daveman says:

    Thank you for sharing those precious moments. Actually I didn’t think you looked dorky in that last pic… but what you said may explain why I’m still a dork – I don’t have any boobs! BUT WAIT! Do my two brothers count? Actually the younger one is a boob, the other? I’m not sure, but he’s not a boob. :-)

  7. Corey~living and loving says:

    I love it! I also love me some under roos….sigh…many a day I pretended to be a solid gold dancer in my under roos and mom’s high heels. LOL

  8. DaddyKaos says:

    Everyone should know that your parents would never, ever have shag carpet like that, it belonged to CK’s grandparents as did the old washing machine (not a wheelbarrow).

  9. CamiKaos says:

    daddy: yes, I should have said it was grandma’s carpet… but then it isn’t as funny ;)OTJ: They never budded. I woke up one morning with big ol C cups when I was like 15. Just poof. Magic boobs.Corey: My mom had this one pair of heels that were my favorite. The top was leather and strappy and the place you rested your foot was all velvety and the heel was made of wood… those were my disco dancing shoes. I would listen to that Disney Disco album and dance over and over again the Macho Macho Duck! I was cool like that. Sadimac: YES A CAPE. I am suddenly very excited about what I know not!!!Daveman: You’re too kind. It’s okay. I was a dork. My friend next to me there… she turned into a SUPER FOX!

  10. SquidgesMum says:

    aaah ‘macho macho duck’ good times were had listening to that song!! I remember my older cousin telling me that to be a good dancer you had to move your feet a lot. So for the longest time I looked a bit like Jerry Lewis on crack dancing to that album. Yep good times!

  11. julie says:

    OK. I have an embarassing Wonder Woman Underoos pic somewhere, too… and also the pre-adolescent dorky glasses phase. Oh, yeah. I lived that.

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