want it

It’s the day for things n’ stuff.

Stuff that I need to address with all of you.

Important matters.

Important.. to whom?

To me.

First and foremost a little thank you to Miss Jo for a lovely little bit of bling bling for my bloggy here:

Break Out Blogger award! Oh yeah! I won it. An award. That is now mine. She specified something about my vlog. So yeah, I’ve done a couple. It’s mine now.

Who wants it? Do you? Or you? Or maybe you?

A while back The Holmes held a contest to see who wanted an award he had to give out… I liked that, I liked it a lot… I lost of course but I still thought it was pretty damn cool so that’s what I’ll be doing… making you work for it.

Want it? Don’t care? Whatever, try to win it… if you do I will custom redesign the break out blogger award for YOUR blog. For you. If you want I can even put your face in it. I will consider requests and everything…

Now, how shall you try to sway me to win said custom bloggy bling?

I want you to tell me a story. What kind of story? The story of the best thing you ever broke of course, or broke through… This is the BREAK OUT blogger award after all. So tell, tell. Leave it in my comments, send it to me in e-mail or make it a post on your own blog, but if you do that make sure to let me know so I can check in for the judging. You have until Monday to impress me with all the broken down glory!!

And now for something else I want… questions I can answer.

I had 3, but one kind of worked itself out it seems so that leaves me with 2 completely random and unrelated questions to answer on my video blog this Friday. Does anyone else have something to ask? Email me at mommifiedme at gmail dot com.

Okay? Okay.

8 thoughts on “want it

  1. bellevelma says:

    Best thing I ever broke? Or maybe my dad is really the one who broke it… he/we/I broke my car. My brand new car. My first car bought with my very own money.My dad changed the oil for me but left a rubber gasket off when he put the plug back in. And I went driving down the road and unbeknownst to me, the oil was drip drip dripping out from the bottom of the car. My oil light came on but I didn’t know what that meant. It said “check oil”. I didn’t know that meant “immediately”. And then, my car stopped. Dead. Engine burnt up. Siezed. Ruined. Thanks, Cami, for making me relive such awful memories… Going to crawl under the covers and cry now…In the end it all worked out. The car company maybe felt a bit sorry for me and gave me a whole spakin new engine because the broken new one couldn’t be fixed.Word to the wise. If your check engine light comes on, STOP YOUR CAR!

  2. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Are poor Belle. Fab idea Cami. I love it. See this is why you have this award, because you are a one off, an original.Now, questions…I will send some, ok.

  3. sybil law says:

    Breaker, breakerI done gone and posted.Go check it out, strangelove. That’s a 10-40, good buddy.—————————–I so don’t do trucker. Plus, I don’t know if it’s supposed to be braker or breaker.Clearly, I am in over my head.

  4. The Holmes says:

    Well, there was the one time when I was all but totally computer illiterate but still managed to land a job at a tech company, and I opened up an attachment that spread a virus into the company’s email server. I felt smart that day.

  5. mielikki says:

    my broken post is up. Sybil said that you said that I had to do one so I did. And though I halfway knew what I was going to say, it still surprised me. But for what it’s worth, it’s there.

  6. angel says:

    i’ll try entering your competition! and here’s a question for you: if one synchronized swimmer drowns, do the rest drown too?

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