when clever doesn’t count

I had this entire clever little post written for today.

All about Sesame Street and their little Law and Order skit with the BONG BONG.


You know the Law and Order noise?

But that post won’t work because the world changes so quickly, but I thought I would talk about the Sesame Street thing anyway, cause you know, when you have the good material you work with it right? Right.

So anyway it was yesterday morning and K had woken up at an ungodly hour (read 7 am) and I wanted a little more shut eye. I had a busy week ahead after all, of having a kid in kindergarten that STILL isn’t quite used to this whole school thing and the fact that everyone has to go. All week. Because I said so.

And You know the little issue with the bathroom, and then the kitchen sink…

And Halloween is coming.

Oh, and then there was the big fiasco for this week which is that I had to go to jury duty today.

(that’s where the Law and Order BONG BONG becomes relevant… kind of)

You see I put on Sesame Street and gave the girl a snack while Mr. Kaos was early to rise to get a head start on some work that needed to be done *cough cement board cough*. He was showering and starting his day and I was trying oh so desperately to cling to dreamland… So I put on the show forgetting for a moment how high pitched the voices for most of those Muppets are… But the pillow laying next to me, it seemed custom made for sitting over my head…

Yes, that was better, a pillow to baffle the noise of that giant bird. Thank you pillow, oh why hello there dreams… I missed you how are you


What? What the fuck was that? That noise!! Did you hear it… snnnnnoooooooooooooooooze


I know I heard it that time… but Mr. Kaos is in the shower and K is watching Sesa… snoooooooooozeee.



I Know I heard that stupid “BONG BONG” noise. It’s Law and Order, who the hell is watching Law and Order with my 5 year old??? She is definitely not allowed to see that shit.

I wiped the sleep out of my eyes and smashed on my glasses but even as I did so I heard Muppets, not…


Oh for the love of all things holy why on earth are Muppets acting out Law and Order? Don’t they know that Sesame Street is how a girl gets an extra hour of sleep???


No apparently they didn’t recognize my sleep needs as a reason not to use BONG BONG on Sesame Street because there it was every 20 seconds for the entire duration of the Law and Order Sesame Street skit where there was a missing letter or something.


I was ready to BONG BONG my TiVo with a baseball bat by the time it was over because by then I was awake and could think of nothing but Law and Order which naturally lead me to think about jury duty. Jury duty which I had tomorrow (which is now today).

So I woke up, did some cleaning, looked for something appropriate to wear to court, took a shower, cleaned some more, dug up my jury summons and then remembered that I was supposed to call after 5pm on the business day prior to my summons date to confirm my jury stuff.

Oh, I should do that I thought… since you know Friday was the last business day and all and this is Sunday…

But surely it would just confirm what I already know… that I have to go to jury duty. And rush around and stuff. For the good of America.



I was told not to report. The cases my jury was being screened for were removed from the calendar (the recording said calendar but I like the word docket, isn’t that the term that should be used?). I was told I would have to report on another day.

You wanna hear me bitch about that? They say I have to appear the day before Halloween.

What the hell? Can’t a girl even get her pagan holiday on without going to court?


(yeah, okay, I just threw that last one in to mess with you… Happy Monday)

11 thoughts on “when clever doesn’t count

  1. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Ooo that would leave me so mad, all the bonging, and the puppets and the waking up when I could be asleep.I feel your pain.At least you don’t have jury duty today right?You could do something fun instead??

  2. mielikki says:

    I’d be typing a e mail to Sesame Street as soon as possible, if I were you.Law and Order, Muppet Style. What were they thinking!I hope the jury duty before Halloween goes away for you, too. . .

  3. sybil law says:

    I think they knew you wouldn’t be fair and impartial once you heard the damn gavel..BONG BONGIf only it was another type of BONG…

  4. SquidgesMum says:

    well maybe you’ll get a reprieve the next time you call them. Squidge and I were watching Sesame Street on Youtube- sadly we don’t get Sesame Street here. I’ve had the rubber duckie song and mahnem mahnem songs stuck in my head all day and now that I’ve read this post the BONG BONG is ringing in my head

  5. CamiKaos says:

    Lindy: I love the mahnemnenam song!!! I may have to try to defer the duty though because I think I have a prior commitment that day.Sybil: You’re always thinking!Angel: nope, not a good mixM: BONG BONG. nope. they don’t BONG BONG mix BONG BONG I’m losing my mind here BONG BONGJo: I let Mr. Kaos go to work and then I volunteered in K’s class art program… I don’t know which would have been more tiring…

  6. Corey~living and loving says:

    LOL this was great! I’ve seen that episode and…bong bong….it sucked! LOLYou kill me girl! Thakns for the smile!

  7. thordora says:

    OMG! i saw that the other day and almost lost it! The puppets!The BONGBONG! always reminds me of a particular acid trip…heh.

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