friends make strange bedfellows…

Today I want to share with you the tale of two ladies, each rockin chicks in their own right.

Er. Demented chicks perhaps.

Well as it happened these two very special women did not know each other.

At all.

It is strange sometimes how two people NOT knowing each other could have such a significant impact on the world. This was the case with these two: woman A and woman A.

No, that is too confusing.

Lets call them Cami and Sybil shall we?

Good then, it is settled. Cami and Sybil didn’t know each other and the world was continuing along its merry way doing the kind of things that a world does.

One person though, one person who loves lizards and cats and big fuzzy men but wasn’t too keen on people’s kids or hearing stories about them knew Sybil and Cami. For decades or centuries she had known Sybil (am I exaggerating? who’s to know) (okay Sybil knows but whatever). She knew Cami for a much milder number of years.

But around the same time something happened to each of her friends… within months of one another these two fine and crazy chicks spewed forth little alien beings from their loins…

For almost a year Sybil talked to her friend, sending emails with pictures of her babies ass and face and food. For almost a year Cami talked to her friend, sending emails with pictures of her babies ass and face and food.

Finally their friend said STOP!!! That’s enough. I love all manner of lizards and cats and fuzzy man beasts but I can no longer bare the stories of poop and food and crawling and cuteness.

“Let me introduce you to my friend Sybil” she said to Cami.

“Let me introduce you to my friend Cami” she said to Sybil.

There was much hesitation. You see Cami lived HERE and Sybil lived THERE and these two places… they were very far apart.

But through this amazing new fangled invention called the internets they managed to forge a bond. A friendship. They became close.

They became… Secret lovers

That’s what they are.

They tried so hard to hide the way the feel

Because they both belong to someone else….

And they can’t let it show that what they feel is oh so real.

Okay so they didn’t do the hot sexy make out stuff or even have phone or internet sex… but they became very good friends and through the years as their daughters grew from little whining lumps into awesome little people… at some point there was a realization between the two fine upstanding (and downlaying) women that those little girls that sprang forth from their loins weren’t the only thing they had it common (thus the secret loving).

They were oddly similar in many many bizarre ways.

And thought they both hate talking and sharing their feelings and what not… they really like talking and sharing their feelings and what not with each other.

*Gag* That should be so sickening…

But with them it was just kind of… odd. With bits of naughty talk thrown in…

And so there little e-mail exchange became more. They become friends ALL OVER then internets. They mailed things to each other for birthdays and christmas and other such randomness.

They became more than just secret lovers, they became Sybil & Cami, Cami & Sybil, for ALWAYS.

Isn’t that a touching story? The story of their Strange Love?

It is touching. Just admit it…

10 thoughts on “friends make strange bedfellows…

  1. Lori- Fairytales & Margaritas says:

    How sweet! Corey and I actually found each other in a similar way. We belong to a group of women who all have January 05 babies. And we’ve become wonderful friends. Even visiting each other in other parts of the world!

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