music makes me do things…

That sounds a little dramatic doesn’t it? It does, yeah, I know but it is so true. Music makes me do things. All sorts of things. More so than even say… tequila or rum. Or that crazy whispering voice in my head.

Then there are all the times I have been told to do something with the music. Turn that down. Turn that off. Turn that up. Change that station. Etc. and so on. and so forth.

This is one of those times, though while we are on the subject I must note that today in the car Mr. Kaos changed the satellite station to something for K and what song was on? Skater Boi by Miss Avril Lavigne. K rocked out. She has been singing the song EVER SINCE. There is no talking in my house. Just the incessant singing of my child impersonating said singer. Over and over. And again and again and again. I guess it is better than her being into Britney or Christina or somethin…. Right? Right.

Back to the point… The lovely and oh so linky talented Jessica over at Oh, The Joys had an absolute link fest the other day and while she was linking the known blogging universe she tagged me to tell all y’all what it is that I am listening …. no even worse… seven songs I am SINGING.

oh yeah.

Here I will state that despite what you may hear from my husband (fever) I (fever) can (fever) not (fever) sing. He is under some delusion that because I am able to LOOK like a sultry smoky sexy female crooner that I am also able to SOUND like one. This is just not true. AT ALL. (though wouldn’t it be AWESOME if I could??? I would rock the sexy blues singer gal thing if I could sing).

My inability to sing well doesn’t stop me from singing (and loudly) at home and in the car so without further ado the seven songs I most recently performed for my family audience (poor innocent cats included)

Skater Boi by Avril Lavigne. It got stuck in my head while it was on the radio. Damn those catchy tunes.

Whatever Lola Wants by Sarah Vaughan. I must have mentioned this a million times but this song is always in my head. There is no departure. There is no desire to have it leave. If I had my own late night talk show I would want this song played whenever I came on stage.

I Love Rock N’ Roll the Joan Jett version. It was on the radio today too. So awesome.

People Are Stange by The Doors. It just is in my head.

Fever the Peggy Lee version. Because it is good.

Too Many Puppies by Primus. What with all the war and what not going on it rings in my ears.

I Wanna Be Sedated by The Ramones. I love this song but I think it has been running through my head and out my mouth so often lately because I could probably use a sedative to deal with the stress of K starting school, the bathroom remodel that has led to the complete plumbing update and the reworking of ducts and the fact that Mr. Kaos is so busy with work, home stuff and community projects that his stress level is driving my stress level through. the. roof.

Wow, and no mention of Tom Waits or Nick Cave in site. Impressive.

(Oh, yeah, never mind that last part)

So from here I believe there is the gagging… er… tagging to consider. Hm. Who shall I tag, who shall I punish? Who shall I torture? Doppelganger what do you listen to? And Bubblewench, you are always happy to share what is blaring from that i-pod. How about you Lori? Have I tagged you before? Cause I have now. My darling Sybil… what’s ringing in your ears? And last but never least poor poor Jo. I have no idea what kind of music rocks your world and I yearn to, so when Miss M is feeling better I expect to hear from you.

peace out, or whatever it is the rockstars say these days…

12 thoughts on “music makes me do things…

  1. flutter says:

    Your title made me ever so concerned with demon possession…then I thought, you know? I bet demons listen to some badass music

  2. sybil law says:

    I will do it as soon as I get some time, which should be later tonight. Our children share the same musical tastes – Gilda is all into Avril Lavigne, too! Haha

  3. Bubblewench says:

    Damn. Why wasn’t this up before I started my ramblings today??? Ok, next week. I am putting new iPod stuff on tonight so this comes at a perfect time.

  4. CamiKaos says:

    landismom: I KNOW. that is like the one thing about getting older that is hard for me… I totally can’t wear eyeliner like I used to…M: Not sedated… but mildly tranqulized?Lori: OOOH i am so excited to see and then bang my head and make rock hand signs at your page….Kami: You’re awesomeBW: Well you’ll have something for laterSyb: You best get on it, I know you LOVE it when I tagggggggg you.Flutter: I’m still thinking you are right…

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