ipod and the future

We have taken to watching movies in bed this week. I don’t know what about this week has spurred this on but it seems to be the thing to do… so we’re doing it.

Last night’s selection: Star Trek First Contact.

I could say a great deal on this subject. I could for instance tell you that Mr Kaos, even though he is a big Star Trek fan, can’t help himself from calling it First Contract. Or I could tell you that when he was in Vegas last year he bought me a Star Fleet Academy t-shirt which is unnaturally comfortable. It’s also my favorite shirt to sleep in and it’s also Mr Kaos’ favorite shirt to stare at my boobs in as it fulfills his love of my boobs and star trek all at once. That really has very little to do with the movie though since I was not wearing that t-shirt at the time.

But as we were watching the movie we noticed how the crew went about their daily business and Mr Kaos commented that it was terribly unrealistic because OBVIOUSLY everyone on the ship would have their ipod out and would be rocking out to their favorite music…

I on the other hand noted that they looked terribly unhappy and I thought that ipods would probably be banned on ship because they wouldn’t be able to hear orders…. suck-pods on the other hand, or rub-pods depending on how you like it, could be used so discretely that no one would ever notice they were using them except by the smile on their face…

I think Apple is missing out on a really important market there…


Late late edit… as I was skulking around over at Mr. Fab’s I went over here and look what I saw…. did you look? Now it isn’t quite what I had imagined under those Star Trek uniforms… not discreet enough to wear during your post in the transporter room or anything… but it’s a good start. Now what about the suckpod?

12 thoughts on “ipod and the future

  1. Lori- Fairytales & Margaritas says:

    They actually DO have something like that! In Japan! It’s an ipod and “toy” all in one! I think it’s called the g-pod.

  2. CamiKaos says:

    a cellphone on vibrate wouldn’t sustain the happy motion for long enough.. besides, it would be bulky in your pants…have I taught YOU nothing syb?

  3. Daveman says:

    The only thing I noticed is on any of the Star Trek movies or Tv Series – NO ONE EVER USES THE BATHROOOOM! I guess people in the future not only do away with money, they do away with goibg potty as well. Im just guessing here.Come and get your award I posted.

  4. CamiKaos says:

    daveman: I KNOW. Isn’t that strange? It was even kind of mentioned in the movie we watched. Eluded to if you will. That freaks me out. If they aren’t using the bathroom what happens to the Cherry Coke once your body is done with it????

  5. The Holmes says:

    Had Star Trek been made by George Lucas, I’m sure he’d like to go back and remake the movie with an iPod in every crewmember’s ear.

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