weekend of repeats: imaginary trouble

my kid’s imaginary friend is satan…

Yesterday I went upstairs to the kitchen to get dinner started only to find K (who is nearing 5) standing in the kitchen with a pen in one hand and a rolled up piece of paper in the other. She was heatedly talking at Mr. Kaos trying to get him to sign her contract… What on earth could the contract be for? hmmm…. She started in on me telling me how important it was that he and I sign… Mr. Kaos and I replied almost at the same time “Never sign a contract without having a lawyer look it over”

“I am a lawyer” she said.

“Well who drew up the contract?” I asked

“Billy did” she replied

at this point I will interject that “Billy” is her long time imaginary friend & brother… His name has been changed to protect the evil….

We still don’t know what Billy’s contract said… she wasn’t entirely clear on the situation either. She told me many different things that it said; it seemed to change each time we asked. Originally it was a contract promising to love each other… we told her we already had one of those.

This may seem benign but I assure you we have reasons for our suspicions… each time K comes up with a new inventive scheme to take over the world (okay our home) it is Billy who gives her the needed information… Honestly she will sometimes ask us questions and when we try to figure out where she even found out about the topic she will shrug and say “Billy told me”

So to sum up if your child ever brings you a contract from their imaginary friend, have your imaginary lawyer review it or you could be selling your soul for a lolly pop…


This was originally posted January 1, 2007

8 thoughts on “weekend of repeats: imaginary trouble

  1. Chadness says:

    Considering that “Billy” drew-up the contract, I’d be asking questions about soul-selling if I were you. This blog entry is a little creepy.

  2. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Oooo I agree with Chadness, creepy.Miss E had an imaginary friend called Emily Ghost when she was K’s age, but she disappeared when E was nearly 6.Emily was quite naughty and often did stuff that we blamed Miss E for.Naughty ghost.

  3. Daveman says:

    I think I seen this in a movie once. Just dont turn your back on the dolls or stuffed aminals.But really – I know Billy and he dont know nuttin bout da law and legalities. Sign with your name backwards and its totally not valid.

  4. bellevelma says:

    Ah yes, the contracts. Snags does that as well and it always somehow ends up with me getting into trouble. It’s the fine print, they don’t give you time to read it, do they?

  5. angel says:

    hhhmm… i wouldn’t mind a lollipop- but i could probably resist. wave a chocolate stuffed with nuts and caramel under my nose and i’d be hard pressed to hear my “lawyer” speaking…

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