what will she do today?

There sits across from me at this table a little creature of flesh and blood, my flesh and blood, and as I sit here pouring my mind onto this device she sits with her little bowl and her little spoon and her little smile eating the simplest of breakfasts I could have created.

She places each spoonful of cheerios into her mouth happily blinking each and every time the spoon touches her mouth. There is a perma dribble of soy milk like a tiny goatee on her chin and I have no doubt that it will remain until the bowl is finished and she has excused herself, bowl in hand to clear it to the kitchen. She’ll wipe her face and then ask halfheartedly if she can watch TV.

I will shake my head and smile and just as I try to kiss the top of her head she will run off to the living room to play with her dolls.

What will they do today, she and her dolls? Will they build a palace and live in a far away land? Will they go to the theater to see a ballet? Will they zip around track in a race car? Perhaps they will be working in the office today, or maybe the underwater laboratory. Probably it will be none of the above and she and the dolls will find a new place to go. A place far away from here, in the deepest jungle where she can save the world while looking very fashionable…

I love my child.

10 thoughts on “what will she do today?

  1. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Cami that is so lovely.Miss E sat with a milk moustache at breakfast this morning, then rubbed it from her chin as she left the table, off to create amazing adventures with Barbie dolls.I love listening to her.M has just started with imaginative play now and it’s so cute.I love my kids too.P.S. I’m posting your card today.Hooray.Pictures

  2. sybil law says:

    I am guessing she is going to imagine your head on a plate, like I just did. Oh! What’s that? Yeah – I just answered your hard, hard questions, that’s what!Seriously, though – K is so sweet. You need another picture of her up here. Or send me a recent one, anyway. :)

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