cause I’m leaving…

on a jet plane… I know when I’ll be back again and oh babe, I love to go oh oh oh oh…

yeah, that was cheap but what’cha ya gonna do?

I’ll be honest in that I have given today’s post a lot of thought. I’ve thought about it all week in fact. Everyday. I’ve actually sat down several days this week and attempted to get it written so that today when I am so busy tending to the last minute items I wouldn’t NEED to think. To write. To talk.

To all of you or anyone.

Complete disclosure: It’s actually Thursday morning as I write this with butterflies in my stomach thinking about tomorrow being one day closer to our trip. Thinking that while K and I are 100% packed (and have been since Tuesday) Mr. Kaos is not. It makes me nervous.

Don’t get me wrong I know that when it’s time to leave he’ll be ready to go. He’ll be all packed because tonight if he isn’t I’ll start bringing him things and asking if he wants me to pack them item after item after item until he takes the hint and smiles at me indulgently and packs his suitcase.

But other than the packing of Mr. Kaos and his stuff we’re good. We’re locked and loaded. We’re ready. I bought snacks for traveling, and gum, and K has a brand new magazine with Harry Potter on the front and let me tell you she can’t wait to get on the plane to get her little hands on that magazine because I told her she couldn’t have it until then…

We had my my brother and Sadimac over for dinner (shredded chicken tacos, fresh salsa and guacamole and what I like to call tidy bowl margaritas… yum thanks for asking) to go over the house stuff, for them to hang with the kitties and to spend a little quality time with them before we go. So the cats are taken care of. The house is taken care of.

Jo has so graciously offered to stop by my blog and water my plants for me so there are no worries there.

And I just want to go. I want to get K and Mr. Kaos and get on the plane and fly away on vacation and tell her the secrets, let her discover the surprises and laugh and laugh. I want to see my parents. I want to see my friend. I want to eat sushi and go to the House of Blues.

But then I want to be home.

Because here in the house of Kaos I swear everyday has something new. Everyday is a surprise and even in the most stressful of times we laugh and laugh and laugh while we’re learning and loving one another.

And that sounds so sappy. so… fake. But that’s the way I feel about my family. I guess what I’m saying is, as excited as I am about this vacation I am just as excited about everyday after it.

Well that’s that. Next time I talk to you I’ll have flown on down to Cali… have ridden through the pirates lair and come out safe on the other side, dined with mermaids and princesses and made a very special little girl smile until her cheeks fall off.

xoxo – CamiKaos

11 thoughts on “cause I’m leaving…

  1. Bubblewench says:

    do you mean pirates lair? Have a great fantastic wonderful beautiful amazing fun lovely vacation.Hug mom & pop for me will ya?

  2. CamiKaos says:

    BW: hHAHAHAAHAA. I am so tired. I was so tired when I wrote that. I am loosing my mind. hahahaaa thanks, I fixed itLori & bellevelma: Thanks!

  3. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Have a fab time sweetieI hope K has an amazing time.The plants are doing fine. I also watered the mushrooms in the corner.You did mean to grow them right?

  4. CamiKaos says:

    Flutter: I wasn’t planning to feel her up, but I would have thought of you… now I am going to think of you and have to remind myself NOT to feel her up… Making things so hard for me babe. ;)Juie: It is a good thing we are going now though, I am going to be sick with excitement if we don’t get there soon. Jo: The mushroom is okay for the time being but if it turns funny colors or attracts slugs KILL IT. and DO NOT eat the mushroom.M: I fricken love the spinning teacups. Possibly my favorite because daddy would always go on them with me. Now he will go on them with K and I. He was afterall in the car with us for her very first roller coaster too. Everybody I just can not wait, and I can’t wait to send postcards.And I can not wait to get over my disneymania so I can get back to talking about other stuff, like my bathroom remodel, my boobs, messed up dreams and whatnot… love to you all. We baord our plane in less than 17 hours. oh and Kami, if you are reading this we may skip the park for the first half of Wednesday.. I will e-mail and let you know…

  5. Lindyloo says:

    Have FUUUUUN!!!! Oooh just go away and have a blast w/ your family! I’ll still stop in daily to make sure no one’s messed w/ the place. I know Jo’s coming by to water the plants and all so that’s cool but I’m a hard core Mommifieder so I just can’t stay away.

  6. CamiKaos says:

    Lindyloo: Jo’s taking care of the plants.. you can keep the riff raff out for me ;)I’ll try to post pictures or a vid saturday night..

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