I lie…

Surprises are a wonderful thing, wonderful magical things that can also be called lies.

Liar liar my pants are on fire.

Because I have been keeping that big ol secret from K.

The lie. The surprise of her 5 year old lifetime…

And it just got bigger. The lie. The secret. The surprise.

Why? This little liar just got a surprise of her own.

What is it?

I would keep it a secret and let you find out on your own but the knowledge is already out there floating around the big ol interlove and trust me it is very important to me and means very little to most of you…

I very recently discovered that my parents are meeting us in California……..

Okay, there I said it, I spilled the beans. That bean only. To you.

Who doesn’t know?

K doesn’t know.

That’s right another big scale liesecretsurprise that we have to keep. Only for a couple of days now but still… we are starting to fray at the edges from all of this powerful knowledge.

But still she has no idea and let me tell you something, if there is anything that could be more completely amazing and magical to K than to find out we are taking her princess loving self to Di$neyland it is seeing her Nana and PapaKaos walk through the door and realize that she gets to spend time with them… AND go to Di$neyland.

She loves her Nana and Papa SO much. Maybe it’s because I have such a close relationship with them, I don’t know, but whatever the case K misses them. Severely. If she doesn’t cry once a week because they live so far away then said week isn’t over yet.

And while we saw Nana for her birthday in March, we haven’t seen Papa since Christmas. That is a very long time for a family to be without its Papa…

So it’s one more lie. One more big ol secret. One more surprise to be handed down when we reach the land of sunshine and characters.

and if you ask me, it’s the very best lie of all.

9 thoughts on “I lie…

  1. Mark Steidler says:

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  2. LaRousse says:

    Awesome! I am so excited for K. I really wish I could see her face when those surprises unfold. (I’m imagining a happy dance of joy).

  3. Bubblewench says:

    hate ads.LOVE that papa an nana are coming and that K will be SO suprised!! She is going to be bouncing off the happy walls!

  4. thordora says:

    We’re doing something similiar to my oldest for her birthday-her Aunt is just going to show up, and Vivian will likely crap her pants. :)

  5. Jen says:

    Augh! I love hearing about all your plans but it’s killing me. Killing me! Can your next big suprise be that I’m coming with you on vacation? Just think how thrilled your family will be when you announce that a gassy, pukey, hormonal stranger will be tagging along with them! Think about it!

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