three things I want K to do…

Number 1

Lets not pretend it is number 1 for any reason other than its importance, I want K to clean up her stuff.

I mean come on, I am past caring that she’s 5. Clean up sweetheart. Who do you think I am your mommy??? (lets just ignore the answer to that one shall we?)

Number 2

Stop whining! I mean really, in your case, K, you’ve been speaking in full sentences practically since you came out of the womb. You aren’t a baby. You know how to talk, hell I think if we gave you a shot at it you could mediate peace in the middle east. No more prancing around this war thing, if anyone could fix things you could… but when you want something, anything, water, a snack, a million dollars, your own personal carousel… you WHINE. If you’ll stop that I’ll consider buying you that pony

Number 3

Go to sleep sweetie. Lullaby and goodnight go to sleep it’s really late now… sleepy time and goodnight… oh for craps sake just go to sleep. Why are you such a little night owl??!!!!

This was written for a mamablogga group writing project.

16 thoughts on “three things I want K to do…

  1. Jordan (MamaBlogga) says:

    I know how you feel! I mean, it doesn’t seem unreasonable to expect your child to clean up (I really do think 5 is old enough) and sleep (aren’t kids supposed to need lie 30 hours of sleep a day?).Sigh. I guess children just aren’t reasonable.Thanks for your post!

  2. The Holmes says:

    My kiddo’s only 20 months, but that number 3 rings totally true. Wouldya just go to sleep already?!?!! Mom and Dad need to veg.

  3. Daveman says:

    Kids are cuties – but parents should beware there are side effects ranging from laughter to hair pulling madness. The in between stuff is the adventure. :-)Not buying it huh? Okay – a buck fifty and I’ll throw in a song and dance.

  4. mielikki says:

    ok lets try this again, since my comment got eatenI think my mom felt the same way about me. I was a night owl. Now I make extra money for working the night shift. It cracks me up

  5. Karen says:

    All very very good points.The thing I always wonder is why we want them to grow up so fast. And then when they do we’re sad they aren’t babies anymore! :)Nice entry to the contest!

  6. Daisy says:

    I am smiling — no, grinning ear to ear! My 20-yr-old is a night owl, too. It’s much easier now that I don’t have to stay up with her. When she was a baby, I watched way too much late night TV. :)

  7. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Great list.You really made me laugh.I have a six year old night owl.Luckily the two year old is more like her daddy and sleeps well.As for tidying up, we get my 6 year old to tidy away the toys at night by bribing, no, encouraging her with £1.00 at the weekend.It’s working really well so far.As for the whining, Miss E will be 7 in August and still does a great line in whines.It will probably end just in time for grandchildren.Then it will all start again…

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