so uncool…

I feel like my life is trying to get in between my blog and I. It’s fighting for a stranglehold on my time.

I can’t give in.

must post posts.

must talk to internet people

must talk about my hair…

fading… fading fast.

It’s getting dark

life is sucking up all my air and pulling my fingers away from my keyboard…

must hand print 16 small children…

must eat cheesy grits…

must go to farmers market…

oh no…

I’ll talk to you all tomor……….

6 thoughts on “so uncool…

  1. landismom says:

    I confess, this one’s got me curious: “must hand print 16 small children…”I envision lots of CSI-like fingerprint powder…

  2. CamiKaos says:

    it’s true. I had to handprint 16 children between the ages of 3-5. Oh My Gosh.The last day of preschool and the graduation ceremony is Thursday (a week from now) and as a gift for the AWESOME teacher and her two assistants we are getting gift certificates. That didn’t seem like enough though, so one parent came to me suggesting we do an art project. She didn’t know what we should do so she asked if I could come up with something. Apparently I am the artsy mom… Who knew. So we got a bulletin board and I painted it white. Then we painted each child’s hand with poster paint and printed it on the board. I will paint each of their names on the frame (which is painted out in red) and seal the whole thing… that is in addition to the photo montage I have to put together for graduation and about 3,000 other things I have to do. sigh.I really can not wait for the first week of summer vacation… but after that I am sure I will be ready for K to start school again.

  3. Daveman says:

    You are one busy, busy, busy bee! Your answer to finding time to blog for a few minutes is “Duct Tape” – the MacGyver miracle tool good for everything.Be imaginative – and Duct Tape will never lead you afoul.

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