and on sunday they rested…

Remodel schmemodel.

Last night at 10:40 pm we officially had working plumbing again. That was 6 hours without running water for any interested. We went to bed at not such a horrible hour and had good intentions of waking early and doing the rest of the demo in the bathroom.

What’s that saying about good intentions and paving the road to shangrila?

No, nope, that isn’t it. It’s the road to H E double hockey sticks.

So at 7 in the AM when K woke us up we gave her an apple and some oh’s and turned on the brain sucking tube so she could watch those tivo’d Saturday morning cartoons. Once again people, praise the tivo.

At 10 AM when we finally pulled ourselves out of bed the only motivation we had was hunger. We ate some bagels, talked the remodeling talk but couldn’t walk the remodeling walk. There was some laughter, some showering, significant use of our 1 working toilet (we are so thankful for the working toilet) and then we made the trip over to our local Grandmother’s House of All Things Home Improvement Related. They seem to get all our money these days.

We purchased all things tile & grout related, insulation, new safety glasses, a mask and a shower surround for our tub. All in all it was an okay two hours of shopping hell but as we headed home with the back wall for our shower strapped to the top of the car we had visions of a brighter day. The sun was shining, somewhere birds were singing and I was sure that there was meat for the grilling, so after quickly unloading our car we made a trip to our local grocer…

That leads us to where we are now, 7:20 PM with some potatoes ready to come out of the oven, steak and broccolini ready to go on the grill and two empty bottles of champagne…

Remodel schmemodel. It’s Sunday.

4 thoughts on “and on sunday they rested…

  1. mielikki says:

    Sunday IS made for rest and relaxation, go with it. I’m sure the bathroom isn’t going to go anywhere while it waits to be beautified. . .

  2. Shauna says:

    I give you credit for doing the remodel yourself. If we did ours ourselves, we would spend more money on booze than we would have spent on the contractor, thus making the do-it-yourself effort more expensive!

  3. CamiKaos says:

    shauna: It’s close I think for us, but seeing the bill for the contractor could make us drink as well… so I think we come out slightly ahead… unless we screw up the work and have to hire a contractor to fix what we did…

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