Friday’s all good…

It’s sunny outside.

SUNNY, and there is no rain in the forecast for today… NO RAIN. Not even a cloud, and yes yes yes I am blogging about the weather AGAIN but the fact remains that it is supposed to reach 75 degrees today. 75. that is warm that is wonderful for Portland this time of year.

There’s also the big added bonus of K’s school being closed today PLUS Mr. Kaos is working from home. He has an amazing work ethic and even now he sits in the dungeon office working away but the moment he’s finished up I have no doubt we will be able to rip him out of the gloom that is the dark dark basement to bring him out into the light and get his help completing our very important list of things to do today:

Bouncy ball
Blowing bubbles
Hula Hooping
Sidewalk chalk art
a picnic
reading a book in the yard
grilling something
holding hands with Mr. Kaos in the sun
playing chase me with K in the grass

As you can see I have a ton of very important things to do, I’ll try to get back to all of you sometime when the sun isn’t shining quite as bright.


Phew… we’re inside on a little break… the sun was starting to warm us more than we wanted so we came in for quiet time. I wonder if K knows it is quiet time? She’s being unusually quiet so I won’t mention it.

We’ve completed all but 2 of those tasks… The grilling has been cancelled in anticipation of a better dinner idea and the holding hands sunshine love will have to wait just a little longer because, well because…

I was beginning to think the day couldn’t get any better.

But it could, oh yes, and it did. IT DID!

K’s favorite babysitter has been out of town visiting family and she sent me a message to say that YES. SHE CAN BABYSIT. TONIGHT. tonight.


YES. When I asked what time she could come over she said IN THE AFTERNOON.

I am a mere 90 minutes away from hopping on my big pink bike and going for a bike ride with Mr. Kaos.


It could. It can. Dare I say it, it will. I am so getting a cheese plate from Curds and Whey on my way to wine tasting at Vino.

Oh thank you world for the BEAUTIFUL DAY.

Talk to you later internet people!

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