conversations of dolls…

Prince Eric Doll: Ohh yeah baby.

Ariel Doll: Oh yeah, this is great!

Prince Eric Doll: yeah.

Ariel Doll: How do you afford this great hot tub?

Prince Eric Doll: Anything for you baby… oh and our family.

Ariel Doll: Come on kids, it’s hot tub time.

Girl Doll 1: Water is fine.

Girl Doll 2: Where is my floaty?

Girl Doll 1: Just get in.

Girl Doll 2: I didn’t even want to get in, I just wanted to soak my toes…

At this point Flounder the fish hopped in and made everyone uncomfortable when he asked the little whale to join them.

Oh, and the cat sang its song about being a llama.

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