vice presidentially yours?



Well I find myself in an odd position today, and not one of those fun positions I often find myself in with Mr. Kaos, though those can sometimes be a bit odd too.

After weeks of jokes and jabs on the matter my good friend The Vice President of our neighborhood association is announcing his candidacy for the Presidency (of our neighborhood association).

Hooray for him! What a great job he will do! Wait. No there was a thing in there, something my feeble little mind was trying to say but couldn’t quite eek out…

Oh, andhe’sannouncingmeashisrunningmate.



And he’s announcing me as his running mate.

If I let him. Which I have not yet decided.

Obviously I have to make a decision and soon, because there is the whole announcing thing tonight.

In about 10 hours and 50 minutes.

The “announcement” will take place at a big huge meeting that’s not just about the “election” so people may actually be there. THERE, when he says he wants crazy Cami Kaos as his running mate. I should say he really wants to announce me as Vice President Tattooed Mama.

Why would he do that? Screw his chances for political victory (political victory, hahaha, neighborhood association hahahaa). Did I mention I think he’s running unopposed?

In the neighborhood that Mr. Kaos and I used to live the neighborhood association did little more than tell you to cut your lawn, say you can’t paint your house that color and collect home owners dues. That certainly isn’t what this association does. We don’t even collect homeowners dues. There aren’t any. It is an old neighborhood with plenty of things for the association to do. I think there is even more to it than planning the big neighborhood parties they throw every year.

Growl. I must decide, but first I have to get K to school, hard boil 18 eggs, set up a tea party for K and a friend, clean my house, pick up the girls, make dinner for my family and get my ass to the big ol’ meeting. Oh, and wait for the e-mail I requested that will detail what my duties (hehee she said duty) will be if I choose to accept.

Do you think when I walk in the door is too late to decide?

***************1:45 pm****************
Oh the update, what an update: After an entirely too long day (and it is just barely the afternoon) I made a choice. It was the opt out choice, I will share with you part of my response to the VP, soon to be P, of the neighborhood:

I’ve totally decided. Between the stuff I am doing at K’s school, my plan to join the PTA in September, volunteer at her new school, help with the ad sales at the community center, my personal blog, my metblogs posts, raising the child and Mr. Kaos, all the household stuff and my intention to write a book (oh no I am not joking, I am 3 chapters in) I think I am gonna have to refuse your nod.

Oh the tears.

Oh the agony.

Oh the humanity of it all.

6 thoughts on “vice presidentially yours?

  1. Bubblewench says:

    hee..hee. you said dooty. (side note: have you seen Nacho Libre?)WOW! That’s a major compliment and a major undertaking. Yes, i would totally want to see what the dooties would be first. Are you sure this may be something you want to do? To me as an outsider, you seem to have so much to do already. Huh. Keep me posted. Let me know….. when you do.

  2. sybil law says:

    Good choice. I can think of no hell worse than being vice president of anything. But hey – that’s just me! You have enough to do! (But maybe you could be the town mixologist. Don’t they need a [insert town name here] drink?!)

  3. CamiKaos says:

    To help out our friend in his presidency Mr. Kaos and I have each offered to take on one big task. That way our time and effort will be concentrated on 1 important project each and we will still be helping out neighborhood without me undergoing the added stress and time crunch of the “office”…

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