what to say?

What does the world want me to write about today? I just don’t know, which is uncommon for me because I can babble about darn near anything. Suggestions?

I thought about telling you that my 5 minutes for mom interview is up, but then I read it and I sounded so much like a, well dork for lack of a better word, I decided I might not want to share that information.

Then I thought about writing that I’m still on Top Momma. Not just on Top Momma, in the Hall of Fame , #10. How’d I get there? Lots of clicking. Were you clicking me? I know I did some clicking but there were days I forgot I was a top momma (though how I could forget that with Mr. Kaos giggling about his dirty little top momma fantasy I have no idea).

Then I thought about a happening from last night when a friend told me he’d just gone back and read my blogs and now is all up to date on the happenings in my life. I laughed, interjected that is how Mr. Kaos finds out what is going on in our life too, laughed some more (this friend is a bartender and was serving up some mighty fine gin based goodness so I was much funnier then than I am now).

That made me think, who are you people clicking through to my little corner of the big blog world? Some of you I know. Hi there people I know. A few of you have dropped a line to say Hey lookie here, I’m reading you. Hi! I love that. Then I can see what YOU are writing.

But what about you right there sitting there reading this and mocking me silently. WHO ARE YOU? Do I already know you or did you stumble upon my rambling by happenstance? If you have a blog, please do say hello so I can drop by and see what the product of your mind is… it’s always nice to know. You know?

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