things that should be flat…

table tops
the sidewalk
the floor
my desk
flat irons

There are more right? I am too frustrated to think of more things that should be flat. Why am I frustrated? Because there is a certain carbonated cherry cola beverage that I drink. everyday. I drink it instead of coffee I suppose.

In order to have a victory of will and only drink one in the morning I put a single cherry cola can in the fridge at night before I go to bed. Why a can? Because the BIG bottle goes flat and the small bottle allows me to drink too much in one sitting. There is a science to it.

I will not drink it if it isn’t cold. It must be cold, and I don’t like ice in it.

It goes like this. I wake up, I feed K, I make myself something to eat, I take my medication with water in a little cup, I then open my luscious bubbly cherry cola and pour 1/2 of it into the little cup. Then, after I have carefully set down the can away from my computer, I sit down to do computer things, whatever they may be, and have that first wondrous sip of my cherry cola.

It’s like bubbly heaven in a glass to me. It really is. I often suffer the mocking of cruel acquaintances (my husband, life long friends and family) for my love of the bubbly sweet nectar, but who cares I LOVE IT.

However, this morning when I picked up my can it had a little more give to it than I was used to. I thought it was odd but moved on and continued my routine. By the time I had poured my drink into the little cup I knew something was amiss.

WHERE WERE MY BUBBLES? If you have read my (incomplete) list of 101 things about me you may know that I love the sound of carbonation. That sound was not there. It was as though I had poured myself a glass of juice. I DON’T DRINK JUICE IN THE MORNING.

It was flat. and I don’t know why. Maybe they didn’t fill it all the way. Maybe it had a microscopic hole in it that allowed the carbonation to fizzle away to nothing. Maybe it was a cruel cruel joke on me… whatever the case I am not so patiently waiting as another cherry cola sits in a pile of ice in the freezer. When it’s come down to the right temperature I will give it another chance to make me happy.

Flat cola. how disturbing…

4 thoughts on “things that should be flat…

  1. sybil law says:

    D’oh! That sucks. I like my Mt. Dew, so you will never be mocked by me. Which should earn me some sort of special spot. :)

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