Last night as Mr and I sat smooching and holding hands we smiled looking at our weddings bands… yes we are that crazy… We marveled at how pretty any shiny they are, well okay I did, he probably thought something very manly. As we sat there pressing our rings together, like we sometimes do, we talked about something we haven’t discussed in a long time.

Why did we get identical rings?

The answer? There was just something right about it for us and we fell so easily upon a design that looked equally perfect against my delicate fingers as it did on his rough masculine hands that it only made sense, though we used the following 2 reasons to back it up:

1) Years later when Mr. Kaos is smooching me in a quiet restaurant and people say “What is that dirty old man doing with that hot young thing?!! Some one should tell his wife” they might notice that our wedding bands match and instead think “How sweet, they still love each other after all those years”

2) If we are ever caught in the Conundrum episode of Star Trek Next Generation where the crew found parts of their memories and computer records erased we would be able to easily ascertain that we are married to one another and not to Ro Laren or Will Riker.

and yes, I wrote this whole mushy post just to work in the Star Trek reference… but it’s all true just the same…

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