life really seems to jump down your throat when you aren’t expecting it. I’ve had years to come to grips with what will happen in the coming months and yet this morning I sit marveling at all that has come in time. Good stuff mind you… I’m thinking good thoughts. My 24 hour flu passed almost as suddenly as it came on and I was able to make use of my Sunday instead of laying in bed sweaty and sick like I did on Saturday… but all the busy work on the wine we did Sunday left me little time to consider that today we are taking K to the elementary school to register for Kindergarten.

Yes. It’s time for that.

I’ve turned into that mom that says “Oh I remember the day you were born… you were so tiny and perfect” And I do. and she was. more so than any child that came before and any child that will ever be because she is mine… I remember holding her the night she was born after scarfing down a revolting dinner and chocolate cake and thinking some day I will take her for her first day of kindergarten and I will be so proud and it will be so hard for me to let go.

I actually thought about that only hours after she was born… held her and thought about her first day of kindergarten… and let me tell you nothing ever seemed so far off yet here it is… the first step on that road to higher education: The Kindergarten Roundup.

I’ll let you know if they actually rope the children or if it’s just a catchy gimmick…

One thought on “giddyup…

  1. Bubblewench says:

    Kindergarten!!??? NO!! She was just born yesterday!! She can’t be that old yet!! Oh, I know she is, but Kindergarten? WOW! Big girl now! Damn, I’m old.

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