baby it’s cold outside…

Are we there yet? Is it Spring yet? Could we maybe see some of that global warming everyone is talking about?

I’m cold. chilly. chilled. and not in the frigid ice queen kind of way. It’s just cold out there. What’s with the weather here (yes, I have stooped to the low lows of a weather blog… I know what’s with me?).

Rain I can handle. Enthusiastically actually. I love the rain. I love the rain in a very deep and passionate way. Some may think my love of the rain is a little disturbing… in fact it could boil down to kink… but some of my best times in life have been in the rain. Maybe that’s a big part of my love for Portland. Rain is good. It feeds life, green, love, lust, hope, those early spring flowers. I love the rain.

Snow I’m okay with. I accept it. truthfully I don’t like it much but it does produce happy snow days. Tromping around the neighborhood with your family. Building snowmen (and women). Snowball fights. Hot Chocolate. Warm cozy fires. Snow can be pretty darn alright.

But this bizarre snow rain mix which I will henceforth refer to as snain…. I don’t like snain. I am not a snain person. What makes the snain even worse is the direction it is coming in…. It’s not falling from the sky. NOOOOO that would be too simple. It’s coming in from the side. That’s right it’s snaining sideways.

I find myself wondering if given K’s late night last night she will do me the courtesy of a nap when she gets home… or maybe, just let me take a nap while she does the bills and cleans the kitchen… probably not. She might be a fan of the snain.

So in the immortal words of that old guy that sits on the steps, “How bout this weather we’re having?”

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