truth in advertising…

it’s been brought to my attention that my blog should be called something like

That Tattooed Mama
Tattooed Mom Lady

or that in my profile it should say

I have lots of tattoos

or something…

maybe I don’t write about being a “Tattooed Mom” specifically because I have gotten over the tattooed mom persecution syndrome (believe me it was difficult being the tattooed mommy in Banks before we moved back to Portland)…

or maybe because it has been winter for months now and I go everywhere in a coat which really minimizes any staring I might encounter…

or maybe as much as I love my tattoos, the important part of the mom equation is the mom part. Not the what do they think of me part. I think there will come a point in my parenting saga that my tattoos become a touchstone or a point of contention. Maybe when K joins the young republicans club and dons a lovely single strand of pearls with her darling sweater set (okay this is truth in advertising… I really think pearls are just lovely).

is it important that my diatribes, monologues, chatterbox moments are coming from someone with ink in her skin? The people (and there are several of you) who tell me that it should be tattooed this or tattooed that, are coming from a good place. They love me, they love my tattoos, hell they may even love my writing… and whether they are concerned that I’m not being my whole self for all of you out in cyber-land or they think I could use a little more of a hook to pull you all in I don’t know…

just in case we haven’t covered this: I have tattoos. later I’ll consider amending my subtitle.

And for those of you who think this should be the blog of that tattooed mom lady… it is the blog of that tattooed mom lady… her name is camikaos…

I just like to think I am more the sum of my parts…

2 thoughts on “truth in advertising…

  1. Bubblewench says:

    Whose giving you crap? I’ll come kick their butt. Honestly, I wonder where this came from, never crossed my mind. Your tats are just so much a part of YOU – woman, wife, mother, friend, that I don’t see the extreme need to advertise them? Do you advertise your hair color? Or nail color? Or choice of shoe for the day? Sorry, I don’t quite get it. I don’t see the need….. did I miss something?

  2. Giddy. says:

    Yes, the tattoos are just a small piece of what makes us who we are. Like our writing, they are expressions of creativity. Really, would you re-name your blog, “Tattooed-Mommy-Who-Writes”? Kind of redundant if you ask me.

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