valentine vertigo…

For Valentine’s day my gift to you is the top 10 things I like on Valentine’s day in no particular order:

1) Sleep late. Sleep long. Sleep hard. (This didn’t happen today, I had to get up and take K to school… what kind of a world do I live in? oh the horror…)

2) Drink Cherry Coke. (I have also yet to do this. Why? My Cherry Coke stash is in the upstairs fridge. When I am desirous of one and too lazy to go get it myself I send my kid up to get it. But she isn’t here. She is at school. Where I had to wake up early to take her. Having a party. She probably smuggled out a 6 pack of cherry coke to give to all her friends so they will be bouncing off the walls like lunatic valentine rockets by the time I pick her up…)

3) Eat Mediterranean food. (wouldn’t you know I haven’t done this either. Note to Mike: when I said take out I meant go get me everything i need to make those amazing pita dinners i love. When you think you have enough tzatziki get twice as much… then get me some extra cherry coke some sleeping pills and something pretty…)

4) To make my family happy. (only they can say if I have done this, though K and I have plans to make little heart shaped cakes and decorate the house all pretty. when all the work is done I’ll throw on some fishnet stockings and a little black dress)

5) World Peace. (had to try man)

6) A puppy (though the one I want isn’t ready to come home from the breeder yet, and even if it was I couldn’t walk it cause It would pull me over… I don’t think you do a lot of dog walking on boats)

7) Perfume. (I can be such a girl)

8) Hot sex. preferably with my husband. (Though I don’t in any way reserve this activity for valentines day… i just thought I’d mention it)

9) To finish reading my book. (I read every night when I put K to bed. It is pretty much the only time I have for reading… any time I used to have for reading is taken up by writing this blog every single day then rereading it and laughing at how funny I think I am… I only have 20 pages left in my book and then I have 4 more books to read… I must finish reading my book!)

10) Flowers (like I said I am such a girl at times, but there is nothing like getting a big bunch of your favorite flower to make you feel like a goddess, providing they aren’t apology flowers. I love flowers but there are pretty much only three times a year a married gal can expect to get flowers… Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Anniversary… if you are a guy and for some reason reading my blog take this down. Yes flowers are cliche. Yes flowers are silly. But yes, women love getting flowers. Yes, they do, even if they say they don’t)

happy Valentine’s day… I hope I get everything I want… and I hope you’re happy too…

One thought on “valentine vertigo…

  1. Bubblewench says:

    Sounds like a wonderful day. I agree on the flowers thing, it sounds so tacky at times, but no matter what flowers are the best. I got roses and 2 beautiful cards. Missed out on the hot sex though, I fell asleep too early. Maybe tonight! LOL!

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