the chia pet part 2…

At only 10AM today has already been a full day. K is at school, I’ve spent an unknown quantity of time on hold, I’ve reported a water leakage to the city, dropped off book orders, called the vet to get their advice on the poor lost sheep dog that is roaming our neighborhood (since animal control will do nothing), tried and failed to collect said sheep dog… and I still have the rest of my day to look forward to.

But as I stood in my kitchen on hold I saw the Chia cat head out of the corner of my eye and remembered that despite a few requests (why you wanted an update is beyond me) I never let you know what happened with the Chia… be prepared to be AMAZED.

We dutifully watered it and turned it each and every day as the Chia instructions commanded. First little tiny white tendrils reached out of the alien bug seeds to try to reach their overlords in the sky. Yes, it was gross. After a few days of this alien sprout behavior K realized that green shoots were starting to grow. Thank god, something to lull me into a false sense of Chia normalcy. A few days later Garfield developed a full main of lush (nasty) green (horrifying) Chia fur…

A few days after that white fur started adding to the collection of Chia shoots… Hmmm… Garfield didn’t have white hair, and I don’t think Chia’s are supposed to either.

So mold started growing on the Chia… luckily this coincided with the departure for our weekend getaway and I was able to convince K that not only was the white growth not normal it was nasty… and that without water for 3 days the Chia would die anyway so we should just clean it right away. She went for it (sometimes the truth will set you free).

So now Chia cat sits bald, naked and dry on our counter growing nothing. I don’t think I’m allowed to move him and I pray I don’t have to plant him again…

2 thoughts on “the chia pet part 2…

  1. Martin Declan Kelly says:

    scary story!i wonder if it was a trojan chia pet, planted by aliens to trick you into introducing a mind controlling fungus into your household, and you cunningly foiled it.

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