i want i want i want…

I want something. I want something so bad it has completely preoccupied my thoughts for a week now… I’ve wanted this something for years… but the time was never right.

Some would argue that the time is not necessarily right at the moment either but I must have this little something… Okay, it won’t always be so little.

A few of you may know what this something is. Am I crazy? No! I always had one growing up… often two.

Since I moved out on my own though this elusive “thing” has been out of the question. Why? You shouldn’t keep it in an apartment. Our first house was too small. It’s a lot of responsibility. The timing hasn’t been right. K was too young.

Now things are different and I for one know the time is right. So how do I convince my dear sweet man, my life partner, the man, that he wants to bring this bundle of something fuzzy and cute that will eventually weigh about 75 pounds into our home and accept it as part of the family?

This isn’t a big shocker to him. He knows I want it. I asked for it. I showed him pictures. (I never should have looked at pictures it sealed my fate). The question is how do I convince him this is right? I am open to suggestions but really I think he will have to decide on his own…

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