a second month of sabbatical…

I dreamt this morning that I was on sabbatical and had been for one month. Which is true. Today marks the first day of my second month of sabbatical.

That was the case in the dream as well, only in this dream-life I was not a community organizer for the WordPress open source project. I was some sort of mystical super hero. I didn’t so much fight crime, I battled evil. Demons, monsters, what have you. I was sleeping late but my mother woke me up to deliver to me a peculiar padded envelope with strange markings and foreign postage. What was my mother doing in my house? Why did she have my mail? I wondered briefly but it passed  from my mind.

I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and swallowed back a lump of anxiety and concern. I pushed my unruly black hair out of my face and twisted it, trying but failing to keep my sleep mane out of my face.  It kept falling back in my eyes in a giant tangle of super hero hair. Dream me wondered how I fought evil with so much hair and contemplated a haircut. A reminder that I should not get bangs again echoed in my mind.

From down the hall I could hear music and smell coffee.

I tore off one end of the envelope and emptied the contents onto the sheet covering my lap. Out came bits of colored paper with strange markings, little squares of pink gum like chiclets, and several teeth. I examined the return address and realized it was from a werewolf foe. The teeth were his own. I picked up a piece of the gum and popped it into my mouth.

As I woke up I swear I could taste the gum… strawberry.

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