the sabbatical begins…

It takes a certain amount of effort being comfortable in your own skin, and really I thought I was closer to being there than I appear to actually be. But as my friend reminded me this morning this is a big change for me, for my rhythm. And change takes time. So for all of you now, and to remind me later, here’s a little update on my first three days of sabbatical.

Day one

I slept in! Delightful. I cleaned the kitchen and made some breakfast while I charged up my kindle and then it was out the door for a non-stop non-action packed appointment for a mani and a pedi.  I changed things up and DID NOT get my nails done in black.I know. I too was surprised.

All the while I read a book. Longing for more reading time I took myself out to lunch where I sat and drank two Thai iced teas and read more while enjoying an amazing lunch all by my lonesome.

And then it was time for some groceries before heading home in time to greet my kid when she got home from school. Then Rick made me a lovely dinner. All in all I considered it a success. But then…

Day Two

I didn’t sleep well. I had nightmares. I had weird stress. Rick coughed all night and clearly wasn’t feeling well. When I finally woke up it was because my kid was telling she hadn’t slept at all and wasn’t feeling well. Everyone was to be home sick except for me. But you know, I was home anyway. So I slept a while longer, cleaned the damn kitchen again, made some breakfast, and organized my embroidery supplies determined to start in on the sampler I’d picked up months ago for stitch practice. Upon organizing them I remembered why I’d never started on the stitch practice sampler. All of my hoops where too big or too small. I made a mental list and started forth on the day’s adventure.

  • embroidery hoop
  • cold medicine
  • lunch for sick people
  • Thai iced tea to feed my latest addiction

After an hour walk in the lovely weather and multiple stops to procure all of the items on my list I made it home where I spent the rest of the day watching tv, working on stitches, and talking to my people. Maybe, just maybe, I was going to get the hang of this sooner than later…

Day three

That brings us to now, doesn’t it? I did not sleep last night. I am not cleaning the kitchen. I’m not embroidering anything because I’m so tired I may poke myself with one of those big needles. I’m sitting at the kitchen tables while french fries bake in the oven. Because I’m a grown ass woman and if I want to eat french fries with melted cheddar cheese on them for breakfast I damn well can. The cats are circling me like vultures around a carcass that has roasted in the sun waiting for me to move into the living room because they want sofa snuggles. And I think this may be the day I don’t leave the house…


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