an updated thank you note to kidney stones…

A year ago today my daddy underwent a kidnectomy. No, that’s not a real word but I don’t know what else to call it when a kidney is all cancer ridden and gross and so they have to cut it out. I’m making new words today. It’s a celebration.

Anyway, back to the kidnectomy, it was kind of big deal. For him. For his family. For his friends. And for all the people of the internet who had to deal with my sappy pictures and prolific swearing.

So I thought his one year surgiversary (yes I made that one too) was a good time to give a little update on a few things that have changed, and one that has not.

What’s changed?

I’m beyond happy to say that my daddy has been cancer-free for a year. He’s doing well. He’s his old snarky self. And looks even more like the guy on Baja Bob’s drink mixes. He makes old man noises when he stands up after sitting for too long, but I also make old man noises when I stand up after sitting for too long, so I’m still calling it a win.

bajabobsFor the past 7 or 8 months I’ve spent considerably less time thinking about my dad’s kidneys. Well… kidney. He only has the one now. I don’t wake up every morning and think to myself “I wonder how daddy’s kidney is this morning…” I just kind of assume his kidney is okay. I’ve started to put the long harrowing tale of my dad’s kidney surgeries and his cancer behind me.

And more importantly, so has he.

More good news, he finally got rid of that Android phone that was causing me so much grief and replaced it with a shiny new iPhone! My mom got one too!

And this day has changed from one of worry and sadness to one of joy and celebration.

What hasn’t?

Fuck cancer.


On a schmoopy note… sending love and thanks to my dad’s amazing support system, and to mine. <3

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