vacation from the vacation…

Knowing I would come home exhausted from many hours of running the concrete paths that are the amusement parks of Orlando. And flying from one side of the country to the other. And then back. And sharing every moment of 4 days with my teenager without a private place for either of us to go for a moment of peace except the bathroom. And some understandable lack of sleep. And timezone changes. And life.

I was smart enough to schedule an extra day off at the end of my long weekend. Arriving home Monday night I had the clever plan to spend Tuesday with my  feet up. Maybe reading some blogs. Perhaps doing some food prep for the week. Binge watching tv. That kind of thing.

And it’s a good thing I did.

Schedule that day off that is. Not relax and rest up. No no no, that would be silly because as we’ve heard time and time again there is no rest for the wicket. Faced with a whole non-weekend day off I was overcome with excitement to get things done!

I woke up early, made a big breakfast, and  created a monumental task list which included, but was not limited to all of the laundry, grocery shopping, scraping out the old gross caulk in my tub, re-caulking my tub, and general doing too many chores and running all over the place like an idiot trying to get things done so I wouldn’t contemplate doing them during my work day.

Next time around I think I will schedule a vacation from my vacation for a vacation day. But at least I have a clean bathtub.

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