because I needed one in hawaii…

IMG_9432I think at some point in my life I had a jean-jacket. I can’t recall having one but it seems unlikely that I didn’t. You know, as a kid or something. I know I had a corduroy jacket styled after a jean jacket. I had a denim jacket with a mandarin collar and 3/4 length sleeves, I don’t think it counts.

I have a suede jacket styled after a jean jacket which I’ve only worn twice in like 10 years. Because Portland and suede. And also it’s tan. K once wore it when she had to dress up as Amelia Earhart for a speech – she was ridiculously cute that day with her little hat with earflaps and my too-big jacket. Neither of us are likely to ever wear it again. Because, Portland and suede and tan.

A denim style jacket actually made of denim is not something I can recall in my long history of owning and wearing (or not wearing) jackets. I don’t think this would ever have come to mind except that when I was in Hawaii last month I suddenly realized that the only pieces of clothing I actually needed were long sundresses, a swimsuit or two, and a light denim jacket. Rather than spend precious time shopping for a jacket while I was there I made do with one of Rick’s button down shirts. But I never really let go of that need for a jean jacket.

I know, I know. Let it go Cami. Let it go.

So today at lunch when I decided to go get a bottle of bourbon (because we’re all out and it’s Friday night and who really wants to have no bourbon on a Friday?) I found myself in a favorite little local boutique looking for a sundress because Spring is well on its way and I like pretty things. And it hit me in that moment. I need a jean jacket to go with the sundress that I have not yet found but hope to buy. To go with that mythical sundress (which I didn’t find) and all the other sundresses that have been and might be.

At this point I would like to say “long story short” but that’s no longer a possibility, so I’ll just say I found a jean jacket on one of the racks at the cute little consignment boutique. A cute jean jacket. A jean jacket that someone else had done the hard work of breaking in. A jean jacket that wasn’t expensive. A jean jacket that I can take with me should I have the chance to go back to Hawaii.  A jean jacket that I will make excuses to wear again and again for the next few weeks before it’s likely forgotten in my closet. A jean jacket that I will wear with pajamas as I sit on my sofa and sip bourbon because from where I’m sitting a jean jacket goes just as well with bourbon as it does with a sundress.

Now if only I’d been able to find new pair of boots…

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