the chicken or the egg…

IMG_5727You know those mornings when you really need a cup of coffee but for some reason the coffee grinder isn’t where you normally store it and it’s not sitting on the counter plugged in. And so you think “That’s okay, I just need coffee. I don’t need the extra special coffee I brought back from Hawaii .”. And then you look for the pre-ground-not-great-but-not-shitty coffee you keep in the fridge because it will be fine.


You just need a cup of coffee. If you can just drink some coffee. Why can’t I have my coffee?

But when you look in the fridge the coffee is gone. So you take everything out of the fridge and put it all back. And then you check the cupboards and think you would totally reorganize your kitchen if only you had the time. But you don’t. So you just check all the cabinets one more time and when you’re about to give up and go to the coffee shop instead you remember that you actually keep the ground coffee in the freezer.

Those mornings? Yes. I’m having one of those.

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