yelling at trucks…

Late this morning as I was walking to my favorite local coffee shop for a workish meeting and a ridiculously good iced mocha a guy driving down the street in a landscaping truck sneezed loudly three times. I turned away from my phone (on which I was chatting while I strolled) and yelled “BLESS YOU!”

I think I startled him more than his sneeze attack as he nearly slammed on his breaks before realizing what I’d said. I told myself to keep my incredibly loud courtesy in check. While the post sneeze bless you is super important to me, it doesn’t matter to everyone and, I suppose, can be very rattling when hollered by a stranger who is strolling down the sidewalk.

But it’s such a lovely day. And the sun is shining. And the birds are singing their lovely little songs. And I was smiling. So aggressive kindness took over.

Which is probably why I screamed “Your backdoor is open!” at the delivery truck I saw zipping down the street on my way home.

I don’t think it was appreciated.

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