chronicles of a work-at-home cami… office enemy number one

My desk is my dining table, though I seldom work from it preferring to work in my office wich doubles as a living room because that way I can keep an eye on my co-workers who, in the form of mindless movies and televisions shows as white noise, are always plotting something.

I might as well change the name of this blog to chronicles of a work-at-home cami because as of late it’s all I seem to have to write  about. But instead I’m going to assume that this too shall pass and I will once again decide I have something interesting to say about myself, my personal life, a bad poem to post, or commentary on technology and the world at large. So I’ll leave this title as the designation for this post – no, a series of posts for this week, on the banes and benefits of working from home.

Today I’d like you to meet my big black cat. He is the most common source of workplace discord as he insists that I am nothing more than a chair that possesses the remarkable ability to pet and feed him. He doesn’t seem to accept that I need to be left alone to work so I can continue to put a roof over his head. Though I’ve tried countless times to explain to him that my laptop is the item that belongs on my lap, he insists on priority seating. No matter how many times I shoo him off he climbs again and again into my lap either by wriggling under my arm to stretch across my lap or by just climbing on top of my hands and quickly plopping down on my fingers and keyboard.

He also meows a lot.

As of today he’s enemy number one here in the office of Kaos. I’ll be making a board. Let’s hope you don’t do anything to get on it.

4 thoughts on “chronicles of a work-at-home cami… office enemy number one

  1. zerilda says:

    okay, yes, but the good thing is that he probably doesn’t have conference calls with suppliers right next to your desk. that would be freaking annoying. trust me.

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