wherein we discuss another reason my coworkers can be happy they don’t share an office with me…

I sing. Loud and long and hard. Not particularly well. Actually, particularly poorly. I don’t know all the words. I make them up as I go along. I don’t do karaoke. Usually while I’m cooking. Maybe in a car. Potentially walking down the street. Not in the shower.

And quite often, while I work. Whistling while you work is for chumps. I break out in song.

This morning my kid was playing quietly as I worked in the next room and I forgot myself. I’m used to working from home and having the entire place to myself. I can sing, leap, twirl, talk to myself, or  do my own version of that scene from Risky Business though I use a lint-roller instead of a candlestick. I leaped across the hall from my room to the bathroom singing a very loud raucous rendition of “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”. When I caught sight of myself in the mirror I changed the lyrics to work in the fact that I need to wax my brows and dye my hair… because, well, I’ve been home with a sick kid for nearly a week and that doesn’t leave a lot of time for personal grooming.

Being used to my tendency to break out in song she didn’t say a word. Just continued to play quietly but as I danced back into the hall and I heard her cough it occurred to me for a moment that I ought to maybe quiet down and keep my loud workday antics to myself. Which is when I realized how lucky my co-workers are that we’re not actually in an office because rather than quieting down I began singing louder in the hopes she would join in.

Because this is my comfort zone. This is my home. And given enough time in any environment I think I’d act the same way.

Next up my own personal remake of “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” using recipe ingredients. After that I’m open to requests.

2 thoughts on “wherein we discuss another reason my coworkers can be happy they don’t share an office with me…

  1. zerilda says:

    my request: proud mary. with extra enthusiasm, please. NO! wait! these boots were made for walking. no, too predictable. vogue!!! yes, bring back the 80s. bring back the musical era of anything but the one we’re in.

    i’ve said too much.

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