you know, like on the wii…

My thumb is sore.

While I find it important that you note this, it probably isn’t the reason for what happened last night.  I could use it as an excuse though.  Maybe I should use it as an excuse.  My poor sad hurt thumb.  Come to think of it, it probably IS the reason for what happened.  Hell.  No probably to it.  My damn sore thumb must have caused this whole unfortunate event…

What event?  Oh.  Yeah.

*scuffs shoe against the ground*

Yeah, that.

*lowers head bashfully*

I went bowling last night.  You know, bowling.  With the big heavy round balls and the rented shoes and the wooden lanes and those white pins you’re supposed to knock over.  Bowling.  Like on the wii but the ball is way heavier than the controller.

Yeah.  Bowling.

It was fun, and I totally want to do it again soon.  It had been years after all since I last bowled.  And a bowling alley holds some sort of nostalgic charm.  And there’s always that guy in the lane next to you that sucks too and even though he doesn’t know you he smiles at you a lot and always wants to high-five you.  Because he’s really nice.  Or because he’s been drinking.  Whichever.

But the thing is I hadn’t clipped my nails.  Which I wear kind of long.  Just because they tend to grow and naturally shape themselves rather nicely.  And I’m a girly girl at time.  What with the purses and high heels and makeup.

So my long thumbnail wasn’t comfortable in the bowling ball hole.  And my thumb started to get sore half-way through our first game.  And then at some point I swung my arm to throw the ball.

Down the lane.

Toward the pins.  Those white pins I mentioned?  The ones you’re supposed to knock over?  But instead of rolling down the lane like it was supposed to and knocking those over.  Or even rolling into the gutter so everyone around gave me the little sad face they make for losers, it went behind me.

Behind me.  Toward the seats.  You know, like on the wii…

So I guess that shit wasn’t made up.


2 thoughts on “you know, like on the wii…

  1. dropbear'smum says:

    When I read the title of this post, I was expecting a story about playing wii with a 6yr old (that would be mine, obviously)….. but no, it turns out it was about bowling and injured thumbs…… speaking of…. I took my kids bowling yesterday, and kept scratching my thumb as I released the ball, now my thumb is scratched to shit….. our thumbs should get together and commiserate. :)

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