because just maybe I’m an adult now. possibly…

As I sat in the waiting room of one of my kid’s classes I was basking in the relative quiet and using the opportunity to get some emails sent out for work in the midst of what is an incredibly busy week.  I glanced up to see what was happening on the other side of the observation window and looked back down at my computer screen to finish the task at hand when I heard a little voice next to me provide her doting grandmother with an incredibly inaccurate piece of information.

A very specific piece of information.

About a specific little girl in the class.

Nothing mean at all.  Nothing hurtful.  Nothing that had any impact on my life at all.

She was just wrong.  Plain old wrong.

And I didn’t turn to her.  I didn’t stick out my tongue.  And I didn’t say…

“Nuh-uh, she’s not!”

I sent another email instead.

See?  Grown up.  Ish.

4 thoughts on “because just maybe I’m an adult now. possibly…

  1. Silver Creek says:

    hm. “Nothing mean. Nothing hurtful. Nothing that had impact on (your) life at all.” The child was “just” spreading wrong information? hm.

    Ok then, I say turn the little girl into a toad for 72 hours to teach her a lesson about not spreading false information. Then turn the granny into a mole on the face of a hog, for a full nine days if she didn’t gently try to teach the child it is not a good thing to speak falsely of another and that gossip is not a comely thing in one so young.

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