and then it went down…

I was happily sitting using an internet connection that was not my own so I could work while waiting for my daughter to get out of class.  Best of both worlds kind of moment.  I’m here waiting when she gets finished and I’m using my time wisely to get work done.  I was feeling downright joyous and a little smug… when low and behold out of nowhere my connection?

Failed.  Kerplop.  Gone.

And I had the gall to be irritated by this.  For a moment I actually became completely indignant because damn it!  My connection was down!  I had no connection!  What on earth is a girl to do when her stolen internet connection goes down and she’s trying to work?!!

Dramatic sigh.

Since I’d planned on working I didn’t bring a book.  The benches are hard.  My day has been lonnnng.  And what do I want?  To work before I go home and get stuff done.

Would it be unreasonable to fall down on the floor rest my head on my big puffy jacket and cry.  Just a little?


Okay fine.  I’ll write instead.

3 thoughts on “and then it went down…

  1. Brian Enigma says:

    I believe most people in that situation will bust out the Angry Birds. (I am not most people, though, and thoroughly dislike Angry Birds.)

    Didn’t bring a book? You know — the Kindle app will solve that problem for you. :)

  2. Silver Creek says:

    It’s been told that the tears one sheds on their puffy jacket, are tears that spur tiny golden bursts of magic. Don’t question it. It just happens, and you will know it when it does.

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