I don’t even know what to call my cheese puff post…

I haven’t had cheese puffs in years.  Excuse me.  Cheese Puffs.  They’re a proper noun, right?  Anyway, Cheese Puffs…  I try not to eat them because they have absolutely no redeeming value.  Except the cheesy puffy goodness I recall from my youth.  The savory fluffy cheesy goodness melting on my tongue. Yum.

So even though I do my very best not to keep junk food (that I love) in the house, I bought some Cheese Puffs the other day.  Oh Cheese Puffs.


The bag has been sitting on the counter for a few days.  Whispering to me.  Breathing sweet nothings into my ear as I walk past.  I’ve resisted.

I hold firmly to the belief that resisting temptation at the store it’s easier than resisting temptation at home.  None the less… there are Cheese Puffs here.

And after pulling open the bag and partaking of a few puffs I was… well I was sad.  And disappointed.  And I would leave the post at that if it were not for the fact that the second bowl (I had help getting through the first, I swear) was 10 times cheesier and far less styrofoamy than the first…

Oh cheese puffs… how unsettling you are.

That being said, what’s your favorite oh-so-bad for you treat?

4 thoughts on “I don’t even know what to call my cheese puff post…

  1. Sybil Law says:

    Well, cheese puffs are definitely up there. Mmmm. We don’t have any, but we DO have some Cheeto’s… so I’m gonna go eat them. Thanks, bitch.

  2. Kim says:

    Oh, I have two–when I want something sweet it’s Birthday cake ice cream; and when I want something savoury and comforting I make mashed potatoes with cheese and bacon mixed through.

  3. Silver Creek says:

    Carrot and celery sticks with a vitamin pack back. Just kidding.
    Mine go seasonally. Summer it’s coffee ice cream. Currently it’s bacon flavored vodka and a really good potato chip with a certain density. Not too much salt but enough, maybe a splash of vinegar in the recipe. When I die, which probably will be sooner rather than later, reflecting on this llst of treats, I’ve requested an open casket and to be covered in a thick blanket of potato chips (ruffled), except for my face.

    I also like tiger tails.

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