and I’m still cleaning sand out of my ears…

Over the weekend we headed to the beach for one last fling before the school year begins.  A chance to celebrate and say goodbye to summer.  Just another day at the beach.  Until.  I found myself buried in the sand.  First to my chest.  Then over my arms.  Over my shoulders.  Sand packed around my neck.  Into my ears.  Around my entire head.

I’d never been buried in the sand.

There are always firsts.  For each day that we wake and draw breath we have a chance to do something new.  With kids it’s an easy thing to accomplish.  There are so many things children haven’t done we can easily fill their days with new things to learn and experience.  And while there are so many things that I’ve never experienced and so much in this world that I’ve yet to learn, I’m 34 years old.  I live in my box.  I follow a routine.  Even the exciting things I do are often tried and true.

It might be time to let that go and learn again.



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