almost spring cleaning…

I woke up in the morning when the sun was sunny and popped out of bed like some chipper little bunny rabbit or something eager to start my day.  My day chocked full of a ton of menial little tasks!  Closet cleaning, drawer sorting, book boxing, dish washing tasks!

And away we went.  Up up and away to the land of getting things done.  Of sorting, boxing, bagging and stacking any number of exciting items.

Eventually I realized I really needed food if I wanted to stay on my path of destruction.  Wait. No.  Not destruction.

Productivity.  The word is productivity.

And on and on I went with my sorting, boxing, bagging and stacking.  Until suddenly everything stopped.

Sigh.  Calm.  Motionless.

I have another month or so until Spring, right?

6 thoughts on “almost spring cleaning…

  1. mom says:

    The cavalry arrives soon. You know my and Larry’s motto,”get her done!”
    For some reason I enjoy packing. Must come from years of moving prep.

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