I don’t know if you’re aware of this or not.  It could come as a total shock to you, but it’s Tuesday.

Yep.  Tuesday.  The second day of the week (if you start the week counting on Monday.  Which is how I do it.  Monday is the beginning of the WEEK.  Sunday is the WEEKEND).  But for some of us lucky individuals last weekend was a 3 day weekend.  So Really Tuesday is the beginning of the week because Monday was the weekend.  Which meant a long weekend.  And now a short week.

You see Tuesday is usually our calmest day here at the house of Kaos.  It’s mellow.  Monday is crazy get back in the groove go go go day.  Now today is crazy go go go day but with extra busy sprinkles on top and tomorrow?  Tomorrow is already Wednesday.  That’s mid week.  The week is nearly halfway over.

I feel like I’m running around in shorts mid winter losing my mind not knowing which day of the week it is or which way is up.  Also I’m cooking brussel sprouts for dinner and I was raised to believe those are evil and gross but now I think they’re yummy.

So a short week pretty much means the sky is falling.

2 thoughts on “shorts…

  1. Angel says:

    My Mondays are my quiet days. Since I started working for myself my week has been turned on its head- I never thought I’d hear myself say I love Mondays!

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